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Performance Class 4 SD Flash Memory Card 20-Pack

16GB Performance Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card 20-Pack

  • SKU: P-SDHC16G4H-GEX20
  • Description

    Performance Class 4 SD Flash Memory Card

    Speed Class

    Class 4


    Transfer, store and share files, videos, images, movies, music and more

    Primary Applications

    SD photography and videography


    Capture, store and share more content on point and shoot and entry-level DSLR and videos cameras with the PNY Performance line of Class 4 SD Flash Memory Cards. Rated Class 4, these cards are perfect for easy transfer of data from SD compatible devices to laptops, desktops, printers and more.

    Part Number P-SDHC16G4H-GEX20
    Format SDHC
    Interface UHS-I
    Speed Class Class 4
    Capacity 16GB
    Read Performance Up to 100MB/s
    Compatibility Point & shoot cameras, standard video cameras, desktops, laptops


    1 Year

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