Fast Facts

Solid State Drives


Please read before you begin:
  • Your new PNY SSD is a 2.5" SATA III (Serial ATA 3rd generation) drive,and is backwards compatible with SATA II. Please consult your system specifications for compatibility.
  • If you are installing this SSD in a desktop system or server, you may need a 3.5" drive bay adapter (3.5" drive bay adaptor sold separately).
  • PNY SSDs are intended as replacements for traditional hard drives; please consult your system manual or manufacturer for compatibility and instructions on installing a new hard drive or SSD. This procedure will vary by system manufacturer and model. Installation instructions are available at
  • PNY SSDs are shipped without any operating system, programs, or data installed.
  • If you are replacing your boot drive, it is recommended that you "clone" the existing hard disk onto your SSD before you do anything else. This may require software and/or a special cable or connector (not included with the PNY SSD, but included with the SSD accessory kit). NOTE: Most clone utilities will only work if the space used on your current hard drive is less than or equal to the available space on your new SSD.
  • If you do not have a clone utility, or the amount of used storage on your current HDD exceeds the available space on your new SSD, you will need to backup your data from your current hard drive, install your OS and applications from scratch, and then restore your data onto your new SSD. Please be sure that you have the necessary installation disks for your OS and programs.
  • As with any computer upgrade, please ensure you are properly grounded and free of static electricity before continuing.
  • PNY is not responsible for lost or missing data or damage to your system resulting from installation of this SSD.
  • If you are not familiar or comfortable with the installation process for your new drive, it is highly recommended that you visit your local Computer Retailer or Service Center for assistance.