Design Without Limits
with NVIDIA and Solidworks

SOLIDWORKS design professionals everywhere rely on the world's most trusted graphics solutions to ensure they can do their best work.

“Thanks to the render power of NVIDIA graphics cards, we have nearly quadrupled our production capacity. This enables us to create a ton of images and animations in a short time, while keeping the quality truly photographic, which is one of the main strengths of SOLIDWORKS Visualize.” — Nicolas MICHEL-IMBERT, CEO/Designer, ZAMAK design.

Certified and Recommended Graphics Cards for SOLIDWORKS Users
NVIDIA Quadro P4000

NVIDIA Quadro P4000

The Quadro P4000 and SOLIDWORKS combine to help you push your designs to the limit and beyond. Work with larger assemblies. Use RealView and SOLIDWORKS Visualize to bring your designs to life. Do it all better and faster with the power of the P4000 featuring the latest NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture.


Key Features of Quadro

The P4000 has the performance and features required by the most demanding SOLIDWORKS workflows.

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Incredible Performance

The P4000 provides up to 70% more visualization performance* and 60% faster rendering** performance than the previous generation while using 30% less power.

Rich Visual Workspace

Experience, stunning image quality with the power to drive up to four true 5K (5120 x 2880 @ 60Hz), displays with HDR color support via DisplayPort 1.4.

VR Ready

NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU technology provides the P4000 with the features and performance necessary to create immersive VR experiences.

Single Slot Form Factor

A single slot form factor allows the P4000 to fit into a wide variety of workstations or use multiple P4000s for extreme performance.

Order Independent Transparency

(OIT) Faster Performance In the past, applying transparency to components or faces in an assembly could cut SOLIDWORKS display performance in half when using RealView. With recent improvements in SOLIDWORKS to leverage the P4000 GPU during OIT, transparency performance no longer slows you down.

Gear up for 4K Resolution

The HD-to-4K transition presents a great opportunity for designers and engineers to enhance their CAD experience. 4K display costs are falling, and the significantly higher screen resolution (4x HD) enables superior image quality, larger visual workspace, and greater productivity. SOLIDWORKS users can rely on the performance of the Quadro P4000 to maintain the smooth design workflow to which they’ve become accustomed—even at 4K resolution.

Discover Superior Real-Time Photorealistic Rendering

SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly known as Bunkspeed) provides a suite of standalone software tools with NVIDIA® Iray® technology natively integrated, which helps designers and engineers see their products in photo-real qualityas early in the development pipeline as possible. By leveraging the NVIDIA Quadro P4000 and NVIDIA Iray technology, users can interactively visualize design changes during their workflow, with the confidence that they’re seeing a lifelike, photorealistic virtual product.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional allows you to use a network of machines to improve rendering performance by leveraging multiple P4000 equipped workstations for instantaneous rendering.

Use eDrawings® in Stereoscopic 3D

You already know how valuable eDrawings can be for sharing native SOLIDWORKS files for design or marketing reviews. However, you may not know that this popular SOLIDWORKS add-in also works in 3D. This provides tremendous opportunities for displaying extreme detail in stereoscopic 3D with the Quadro P4000 to really give your customers and managers the truest representation of your design.

Use VR to Experience Your Designs

When you are ready to augment your workflow with the benefits of VR, the P4000 has the features and capabilities necessary for immersive VR environments that let you experience your designs like never before.




Relative Performance

Tests run on a workstation with Intel Xeon E5-2697 V3, 14 cores, 2.6 GHz, 32GB RAM, running Win 7 64-bit SP1, using NVIDIA Iray technology and driver version 375.86. Performance testing completed using internal NVIDIA Iray tests at 4K resolution



Relative Performance

Tests run on a workstation with Intel Xeon 2.6GHz (3.6GHz Turbo), 32GB RAM, running Win 10 64-bit, driver version 375.86.Performance testing completed with publicly available SPECviewperf® 12 benchmark information.

Take NVIDIA Quadro accelerated SOLIDWORKS to the next level with 4K.

Whether you're working in 2D or 3D, the dramatically higher screen resolution of 4x HD enables superior image quality, a larger visual workspace, and greater productivity.

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