Adobe Creative Cloud


From small nimble creative agencies, to large corporate marketing departments, or video and broadcast specialists, creative pros need faster, more intuitive workflows that let them deliver high-quality productions using the broadest set of Adobe's creative solutions. NVIDIA Quadro GPU acceleration throughout Adobe Creative Cloud and the new Adobe Anywhere platform now gives creative artists and video editors tremendous speed and interactivity when and where they're needed. Enterprise workgroups can collaborate without boundaries. Visual effects that used to render a few frames per second now run in real time. Motion graphics that would take hours to create can now be done in minutes. Professional layer-based color grading is quick and easy in both SpeedGrade and the newly integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine in Premiere Pro. All of these core applications dramatically benefit from NVIDIA Quadro GPU enabled acceleration.


Adobe Premiere® Pro CC
The powerful Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, co-developed by Adobe and NVIDIA, leverages NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and CUDA® technology to deliver real-time interactivity and up to 18x¹ faster final export rendering on more than 40 powerful visual effects. Expanded support for multiple GPUs multiplies this performance potential. Premiere Pro also fully supports NVIDIA Quadro SDI Output cards with an Adobe Mercury Transmit Plugin.

Adobe After Effects® CC
Take advantage of the powerful 3D ray-traced renderer in After Effects to simplify and accelerate the motion graphics workflow, so you can create extruded 3D text and shapes with realistic ray-traced features. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs enable acceleration up to 23x¹ faster than a CPU or competitive GPUs.

Adobe SpeedGrade CC
SpeedGrade is accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs for real-time professional color grading performance. And with the new Lumetri Deep Color Engine integration, SpeedGrade color grades and looks are easily enabled directly within Premiere Pro.

Adobe Photoshop® CC
The NVIDIA Quadro GPU-accelerated Mercury Graphics Engine delivers near-instant results in Photoshop for fluid editing, compositing, and image transformation. Key tools improved with the GPU include Blurs, Liquify, Adaptive Wide Angle, Lighting Effects, Scrubby Zoom, and more than 20 others.

Which Adobe® certified NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics board is right for you?

NVIDIA Quadro Kepler Architecture Boards
Model Number
PNY Part Number
Video Memory Power CUDA Cores Display Connectors Accessories
Quadro K6000
12.0GB 225W 2880 DVI-DL (2), DisplayPort 1.2, (2) Stereo DVI to VGA adapter, Two DP to DVI-D SL adapters, Stereo connector bracket, Two 6-pin auxiliary power cable
Quadro K5200
8.0GB 150W 2304 DVI-DL (2), DisplayPort 1.2, (2) Stereo DVI to VGA adapter DP to DVI-D SL adapters × 2 Stereo connector bracket 6-pin auxiliary power cable
Quadro K5000 Mac
4.0GB 122W 1536 DVI-DL (2), DisplayPort 1.2, (2) Stereo DVI to VGA adapter, Two DP to mini-DP adapters, Stereo connector bracket, 6-pin auxiliary power cable
Quadro K4200
4.0GB 105W 1344 DVI-DL, DisplayPort 1.2, (2) Stereo DVI to VGA adapter DP to DVI-D SL adapters × 2 Stereo connector bracket 6-pin auxiliary power cable
Quadro K2200
4.0GB 68W 640 DVI-DL, DisplayPort 1.2, (2) Stereo DVI to VGA adapter, DP to DVI-D SL adapter
Quadro K2000D
2.0GB 51W 384 DVI-DL (2), Mini, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI to VGA adapter, Mini-DP to DP adapter, DP to DVI-D SL adapter

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