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Calling all gaming enthusiasts. . .

Looking for high performance, stability and a cool look for your PC?

Then Verto Hi-Speed PC4000 Memory is a must for you! It includes oversized aluminum heat spreaders, and bright colored LED’s which show the level of activity on each memory module bank.
Available from Online Retailers
Capacity [  512MB ]
The Benefits of Verto™ Memory
  • Colored LEDs Show Memory Bank Usage
  • Oversized Aluminum Heat Spreaders For Optimal Cooling
  • Motherboard tested to Run at 500 MHz
  • Latency 2.5-4-4-7 at 500 MHz
  • Compatible with PC3200, PC2700 and PC2100 systems
  • Lifetime Warranty*
* Some system configurations or motherboards may not operate at the published Verto™ Memory speeds and timing settings. Any attempt to run the computer faster than the published speed, overclocking or modifying the system’s timing may result in damage to computer components and will void the warranty.

The LED activity display on PNY’s Verto PC4000 memory module consists of two adjacent rows of green / yellow / red LEDs. Each row gives an indication of memory activity vs. time for the corresponding bank of memory on the module.

The LED temperature display on PNY’s Verto PC4000 memory module consists of the three pairs of green / yellow / red LEDs located above the activity LEDs. The temperature display gives an indication of the relative operating temperature range of the module as follows;

Green = below 55ºC
Yellow = between 55ºC and 65ºC
Red = above 65ºC
  • An illuminated green LED pair may be interpreted as the system is running in the ‘normal’ temperature range.
  • An illuminated yellow LED pair may be interpreted as an indication that the system could benefit from the addition of supplemental cooling.
  • An illuminated red LED pair may be interpreted to indicate an immediate need for supplemental cooling. System life and performance may be affected by temperatures in this range.
  • Only one temperature LED pair will light at any time, indicating the current temperature range.
Temperature is but one of many factors that affect the performance of your computer’s memory. The indicators on this module should not be interpreted as a guarantee that the memory module is correctly installed, correctly configured, or operating properly.