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Elite Class 10 U1 microSD Flash Memory Card

256GB Elite Class 10 U1 microSDXC Flash Memory Card

  • SKU: P-SDU256V11100EL-GE

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  • Description

    Elite Class 10 U1 microSD Flash Memory Card

    Speed Class

    Class 10, U1
    Works with Full HD & HD enabled devices


    Sequential read speed of up to 85MB/s (16GB)
    Sequential read speed of up to 100MB/s (32GB-128GB)

    Primary Applications

    Full HD photography and HD videography


    PNY Elite Class 10 U1 microSD Flash Memory Cards are perfect for the latest smartphones, tablets, action cameras, surveillance cameras, and drones. These microSD cards perfect solution by which to expand on-board memory of mobile devices allowing you to free up space to enjoy more digital content such as apps, images, videos, movies and music. U1 technology is ideal for continuous HD photography and full HD videography, allowing you to capture high quality HD video and photos with your action camera, drone, or other mobile device. PNY Elite microSD cards are rated Class 10, U1, so you can quickly transfer and share your content while you're on the go.


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