NVIDIA RTX powered


Enterprises in all sectors are embracing AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage. The latest generation of OEM workstations featuring NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation and NVIDIA® A800 40GB Active GPUs, NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx networking SmartNICs, and the latest CPUs provide incredible computing power. Combined with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA AI Workbench software, they provide the ideal platform for instantly augmenting data center and cloud computing resources for AI development, inference, data science, content creation, and industrial digitalization workloads.


Expand computing resources and control costs with AI workstations. The demand for data center computing often outpaces the ability to expand existing facilities—but continually moving computing to the cloud can significantly impact budgets. AI workstations with the latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs provide a cost-effective way of increasing compute power to meet workload demands.

Augment Data Center

Offload data center compute
resources with desktop workstations
outfitted with the latest GPUs.

Lower TCO

Reduce cloud computing expenses and
minimize data security concerns with
desktop computing resources.

Scale accros the

Easily scale out to data center or
cloud using the same NVIDIA GPU
accelerated AI software stack.


NVIDIA AI Workbench is a unified, easy-to-use toolkit that allows developers to quickly create, test and customize pretrained generative AI models and LLMs on a PC or workstation then scale them to virtually any data center, public cloud or NVIDIA DGX Cloud. A simplified user interface enables collaboration across AI project teams and streamlined access to popular repositories like Hugging Face, GitHub and NVIDIA NGC.


Data Science

With large GPU memory and up to four GPUs per system, RTX-powered AI workstations are ideal for data science workflows. They enable data exploration, feature and model evaluation, and visualization without consuming valuable data center resources or expensive dedicated cloud compute resources. AI workstations are optimized to leverage NVIDIA CUDA-X libraries, including RAPIDS, an open-source suite of GPU-accelerated data science and AI libraries with APIs that match the most popular open-source data tools.

AI Development

Workloads for AI training and R&D are computationally demanding and memory intensive. The new generation of professional workstations provides incredible performance, supporting up to four NVIDIA RTX GPUs. With up to 48GB of GPU memory on the NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU, and up to 16GB on laptops, these workstations deliver the power of a supercomputer to your desk. NVIDIA AI Workbench provides a single platform for managing data, models, resources, and compute needs. With NVIDIA AI Workbench, leverage the power of RTX workstations for tasks like fine-tuning LLMs or training smaller AI models, while still having the flexibility to scale up to the data center or cloud when required.

AI Inference

Generative AI is creating powerful changes across industries. As AI technology continues to be integrated into professional workflows, the need for AI computing resources becomes even more critical. NVIDIA RTX-powered AI workstations are the ideal tool for AI-augmented professional workflows. From inference at the edge to running AI-enabled applications on the desktop, these workstations provide the scalable solutions needed to take advantage of the latest wave of innovative AI technologies.