PNY warrants the purchaser that during the Warranty period specified below, the Product will be free from defects in material and manufacture, when used normally.

Before returning it, the purchaser must provide proof of purchase. In the first 12 months from purchase, the Warranty will be serviced by the Distributor.

After this period, the purchaser must seek approval from the PNY warranty department, substantiating the date of purchase (invoice) and stating the reasons for claiming under warranty before forwarding the faulty Product to PNY.

Products must be sent to PNY carriage paid, in suitable packaging, by registered post with proof of delivery, and insured when appropriate.

PNY's contractual obligations hereunder are limited, at the option of PNY, to replacing the Product by a refurbished or brand new Product with similar or superior specifications or to refunding the Product.* * for more details, please refer to our RMA procedure.

PNY provides no warranty against the loss of digital or analogue data, images or sounds (including data stored on the Product when sent to PNY for repair), and assumes no liability for any such losses.

GeForce Product is intended for consumer end user purposes only, and is not intended for datacenter use and/or GPU cluster commercial deployments ("Enterprise Use"). Any use of GeForce Product for Enterprise Use shall void this warranty.

Any program from a third party supplier accompanying the Product is supplied as is. PNY shall not be deemed liable for the quality, performance, accuracy or effectiveness of such programs or any others.

Period of warranty:

  • PC Memory : 10 years
  • Professional Graphic Cards : 3 years
  • PNY GPU Servers : 3 years
  • NVIDIA DGX : equal to the NVIDIA support contract period
  • PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation : 3 years - for more details, please refer to our PREVAILPRO Standard Warranty
  • Graphic Cards : 3 Years. Due to the significant increase of inappropriate use of GEFORCE graphic cards in applications such as (but not limited) cryptocurrencies mining, data mining, mining farms, PNY reserves the right to not accept a return under warranty. Please refer to Graphic Cards Warranty
  • SSD : please refer to SSD Warranty
  • SD / MicroSD / CompactFlash : 5 years
  • Card Readers : 2 years
  • Selfie Stick : 2 years
  • Smartphone lenses: 2 years
  • Flash Drives : 2 years
  • Charge & Sync Cables : 2 years
  • Mini Display Port Adapters : 10 years
  • PowerPacks : 1 Year
  • Car Chargers / Wall Chargers / Wireless Chargers: 2 Years

PNY’s entire liability as regards this Product, and the user’s sole remedy, is limited at most to refunding the price of the Product. PNY, or its approved partners or retailers, shall not under any circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damage, loss of profit, loss of business or contracts, problems with use, savings not achieved, loss of data, losses suffered or gains not made.

The purchaser should thus ensure there is a backup copy on a second medium.

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LEuropean Directive 2002/96/EC was passed to promote Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling. The logo depicting a crossed-out bin means that this product should not be disposed of as ordinary household waste: it needs to be processed, recovered and recycled in suitable channels because it probably contains substances that can harm human health or the environment. Failure to sort waste, furthermore, may entail prosecution. Dispose of this device in a suitable collection centre, or take it to a distributor for a one-for-one exchange when you decide to replace it. Local authorities and distributors will be happy to tell you more about collection systems. At the end of the day, the goal is to get every user to do their bit preserving natural resources and protecting human health.

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