NVIDIA ConnectX-6 DX SmartNIC

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 DX SmartNIC

NVIDIA ConnectX-6 DX Smart NIC

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    ConnectX-6 DX

    Up to 200Gb/s Ethernet Adapter

    NVIDIA MCX623106AC-CDAT CbectX-6 Dx EN Adapter Card, 100GbE, Dual-Port QSFP56, PCIe 4.0 x16, Crypto and Secure Boot, Tall Bracket

    NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC is the industry’s most secure and advanced cloud network interface card to accelerate mission-critical data-center applications, such as security, virtualization, SDN/NFV, big data, machine learning, and storage. The SmartNIC provides up to two ports of 100 Gb/s or a single-port of 200 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity and delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any smart network interface card.

    ConnectX-6 Dx is a member of NVIDIA's world-class, award-winning ConnectX series of network adapters powered by leading 50 Gb/s (PAM4) and 25/10 Gb/s (NRZ) SerDes technology and novel capabilities that accelerate cloud and data-center payloads.

    In an era where privacy of information is key and zero trust is the rule, ConnectX-6 Dx adapters offer a range of advanced built-in capabilities that bring security down to the endpoints with unprecedented performance and scalability, including:

    • Crypto – IPsec and TLS data-in-motion inline encryption and decryption offload, and AES-XTS block-level data-at-rest encryption and decryption offload.
    • Probes & DoS Attack Protection – ConnectX-6 Dx enables a hardware-based L4 firewall by offloading stateful connection tracking through Mellanox ASAP2 - Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing.
    • NIC Security – Hardware Root-of-Trust (RoT) Secure Boot and secure firmware update using RSA cryptography, and cloning-protection, via a device-unique secret key.


    Technology Ethernet
    Max Speed 100GbE (Dual Port) 200GbE (Single Port)
    Connector Type QSFP56
    Ports 2
    ECCN 5A002.a


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