Philippe Echaroux

Philippe Echaroux

Street Art Photographer

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Connect With Phillipe:

"As well as mastering the technical side of this dream machine that is a camera, you also have to grow in areas you wouldn't have imagined when you bought your camera.To one day become a photographer rather than just someone who takes photos, you have to learn the definition of the word dedication, you have to learn not to be shy, you have to be brave."

Phillipe's Bio

Photographer and portraitist Philippe Echaroux, born in 1983 in Marseille, is the inventor of Street Art 2.0. His street art is soft in form (light projection) but strong in terms of the impact of its messages.

"I wanted to create my own way of doing street art. There are already extraordinary artists using spray cans or collages, so my starting point was the tool I master best as a photographer: light."

He takes over towns with his ephemeral light projections: Barcelona, Marseille, Paris, Havana, Val d'Isere, Cran Montana...

The artist methodically chooses the sites he wants to "illuminate" with his installations, whether a building, a tree, a bridge, a facade or the site of a dramatic event. And at night he projects his light graffiti and photographs.

In April 2016, he gave a whole new dimension to Street Art 2.0, with a world first: street art in the heart of the Amazon forest. He photographed the faces of people from the Surui tribe, then projected the images onto trees in the virgin forest.

In addition to the aesthetic dimension of the work of this artist, who claims his environment with confidence while creating harmonious juxtapositions of light and plant colours, the project has a political aim - to alert international opinion to the plight of the forest. The faces of a tribe blending into a disappearing forest take on the artist's political and ecological commitment to the planet's green lungs and their history.

Philippe Echaroux is a committed artist who is particularly sensitive to the ecological catastrophes affecting our planet.

Key Dates

  • 2008 Begins working with photography
  • 2008 Winner of the DIOR International Photography Competition and the Concours National FNAC
  • 2010 International publicity campaign for Adidas
  • 2013 International publicity campaign for Samsung
  • 2014 Invents Street ART 2.0, which has now been presented in almost 60 countries
  • 2014 Cover of "Direct Matin" for his Street Art 2.0 intervention at the Cannes Festival
  • 2014 Exhibition in Miami (first work sold for more than €10,000)
  • 2014 Solo exhibition in Marseille. The city of Marseille gives Philippe Echaroux carte blanche to work on the Vieux-Port
  • 2014 Release of "Gueules du RuGBy", a book of portraits of ruGBy players, which sells more than 15,000 copies
  • 2015 Ambassador to the city of Marseille.
  • 2015 Participates in the Havana Biennial Art Exhibition
  • 2016 First French photographer appointed as ambassador to the legendary Hasselblad brand
  • 2016 Achieves a world first by creating the first Street Art works in the heart of the Amazon forest
  • 2016 TED speaker
  • 2016 Appears in French textbooks for Year 10
  • 2017 The French Museum of Street Art includes work by Philippe Echaroux


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