Apollo Development Kit

Apollo Development Kit

Apollo Development Kit - 16G NX


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    Apollo Development Kit

    Apollo is an audio/video AI engineering kit based around the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX computing module, enabling developers to build applications with image, conversational, and audio AI capabilities. It includes built-in microphones, speaker terminals, a camera module, and an OLED display.

    Apollo Development Kit


    Prepackaged with NVIDIA DeepStream and NVIDIA RIVA
    Preloaded with NLP examples
    Two programmable buttons
    One-Key Recovery button


    Built-In Support for DeepStream and Riva

    Built-in Audio

    Built-in audio codec and 4x MEMS microphones.

    8MP Camera

    One 8MP IMX179 camera module to enable multiple vision AI apps.

    Large OLED

    Equipped with a 2.08 inches OLED display to view the device status.


    Allows Apollo to stand upright and easy for developers to work with.

    Off-the-Shelf Software Examples

    Includes several audio and video AI applications based on NVIDIA® DeepStream and RIVA that work out-of-the-box. New examples will be added on a regular basis.

    128GB NVMe SSD

    Comes pre-packaged with NVIDIA® JetPack, DeepStream, and RIVA Embedded SDKs.