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Car Charger Power Delivery

Car Charger Power Delivery


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  • Description

    Thanks to the PNY Power Delivery Car charger, keep your mobile devices fully charged while in the car and on the go. Simply plug the PNY USB charger into your vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet and connect via your device’s USB cable for rapid charging. With up to 3 Amps of charging capability, this charger is powerful enough to take on Tablet PCs, smartphones, console, laptop or any other USB powered device. Whether it’s a small phone or a large laptop, the USB-PD charger detects the connected device to deliver the right amount of power to charge that device as fast as possible. This ensures fast charging without delivering too much power which could damage circuitry. This allow you to charge 50% of your phone in 30 minutes.

    Features and benefits
    + LED indicator light
    + Multiple safety protection system to ensure devices safety
    + Compact and upscale design: 74x 30.1mm, 28g
    + 2 Years Warranty

    + Input: 12V – 24V DC
    + 1x USB-A output rated at 5V/1A with FastID smart recognition
    + 1x Power Delivery 2.0 USB Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A
    + Max output at 32W combined