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Expand Car Vent Holder for Smartphone

Expand Car Vent Holder for Smartphone

  • SKU: H-VE-EX-K02-RB

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  • Description

    PNY Expand Car Vent Holder allows you to use your smartphone in complete safety while driving. The robust clip of PNY Expand Car Vent Holder attaches easily to your vehicle’s ventilation grille. 360° rotation enables you to change between portrait and landscape mode – extremely practical when navigating. The extension function makes it compatible with a wide range of smartphones.


    • Dimensions 68x88x32mm
    • Weight 52g
    • Warranty 2


    • Universal expandable car holder
    • Works with all smartphones (up to 5,5”)
    • 360° rotation
    • Secure screw tight system
    • Adjustable solid clamp
    • Fits most air vents (25 mm gap required)
    • Anti shake fixing plate
    • Maximum load : 300g
    • Color : black and grey