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Micro-USB Car Charger

Micro-USB Car Charger

  • SKU: P-DC-UU-K01-04-RB

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  • Description

    PNY's new range of cable car chargers are designed to procure fast and safe charging to your Micro-USB or Apple Lightning device. Thanks to its 1.2m cable you won't be stuck with short and entangled cables. Both products will feature a free USB output to plug in any USB cable you want. Featuring FastID Technology they will be able to adapt and deliver the fastest charging speed possible.

    Features and benefits

    • Micro-USB Cable + Universal USB port for wide range of device

    • LED indicator light

    • Convenient size for use in vehicle

    • 2 Years Warranty

    • 5 Volt DC output at 3.4 Amps (3400mAh – 17 Watts)

    • 12-24 Volt DC Input