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PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer

PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer

  • SKU: P-G4000-1MBG01K-RB

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    Be ready to capture your best moments with PNY MOBEE Gimbal Stabilizer. Share your travels, your passions and best memories with family and friends! Connect your smartphone to the PNY MOBEE and enjoy functonalities of the Mobee App such as face tracking, slow motion, timelapse and panorama to reveal the full picture and your creativity. The only limit is your imagination! With 12 hours battery life, PNY Stabilizer also offers USB power supply to charge your smartphone so that you never miss a moment!

    -  Discover the world through a stable eye with 3-Axis Gimbal
    -  Capture the movement with Face and Object tracking function 
    -  Reveal the moment with Time-lapse and Slow Motion shooting
    -  Think big with panorama function and reveal the full picture
    -  Edit your captures with filters 
    -  3 modes
    -  12 hours of battery life and power supply to charge your smartphone

    PNY MOBEE App available on Google Play Store and App Store

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