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AMPD Relies on NVIDIA RTX to Help Power Versatile Media's New Virtual Production Facility


In some ways, the process of filmmaking has changed very little over the past century. In other ways, the technologies driving content creation have evolved by quantum leaps. And now the “new frontier” of production workflows...

NVIDIA RTX A5000 and NVIDIA RTX A4000 Launched at GTC 21


When NVIDIA announced their NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based professional graphics product, the NVIDIA® RTX A6000, speculation and excitement immediately began to build around what other boards would..

NVIDIA A100, A40 and NVIDIA RTX A6000 Ampere Architecture-Based Professional GPUs Transform Data Science and Big Data Analytics


Scientists, researchers, and engineers are solving the world’s most important scientific, industrial, and big data challenges with AI and high-performance computing (HPC). Businesses, even entire industries, harness the power of AI to..

Taking a 4K Trip Through New York City — Circa 1911


We all have visions of what life was like in the past, often gleaned from old photographs or video from a particular point in time. The 1911 film A Trip Through New York City, from Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern, provides a...

Interview: Global Technology Leader PNY


We recently caught up with our friends over at PNY to discuss a variety of topics affecting data scientists conducting work on big data problem domains including how “Big Data” is becoming increasingly accessible with big..

How RTX Powers Product Design for Industry 4.0


With features for photorealistic rendering, machine learning, real-time simulation, VR, virtualization and more, NVIDIA Quadro RTX professional graphics boards are ready for Industry 4.0.

How NVIDIA Quadro RTX is Transforming Architectural Visualization


Today’s challenging architectural projects demand powerful graphics cards. Whether you’re rendering highresolution marketing images in V-Ray, generating real-time walkthroughs in Enscape, or collaborating on room-scale VR experiences..

PNY GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Single Fan Review: Tiny Graphics Card, Big Performance


Our dedicated graphics card test system is packed with some of the fastest complementary components available to put any potential performance bottlenecks squarely on the GPU. Most of the hardware was provided by the manufacturers..

How NVIDIA Quadro RTX Makes Virtual Reality More Realistic


Virtual Reality (VR) has been courting AEC professionals for years. The technology is still inchoate, but it’s getting more refined by the day. Engineers, designers and architects are using VR and beginning to benefit from the..

Accelerating Data Science with Graphics Cards


Last September, graphics juggernaut NVIDIA announced its latest GPU microarchitecture, Turing, along with the Quadro and GeForce RTX graphics cards that used it. RTX was shorthand for real-time ray tracing, one of the main features..

Tapping into Data Science for Product Development


There is an amazing transformation taking place across the entire global economy as businesses race to develop and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics (DA) solutions to reduce time to market, develop and deliver..

Visual Effects Round Table with Carl Flygare, PNY NVIDIA Quadro Product Marketing Manager


With Siggraph 2019 in our not-too-distant rearview mirror, we thought it was a good time to reach out to visual effects experts to talk about trends. Everyone has had a bit of time to digest what they saw. Users are thinking what..

Real-Time Ray Tracing Arrives. We test three of the new NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs.


At SIGGRAPH 2018, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang took the stage to unveil his company’s new Turing graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture and to announce three initial Turing-based products: the NVIDIA Quadro RTX8000, Quadro..

Quick! NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 Test Drive & Review


Today PNY Technologies takes CGSociety on an enlightening tour of the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, with expert guidance from CG and VFX Supervisor Jonathan Iwata and the VFX Technologies team. As you've probably noticed, GPU rendering..

NVIDIA’s most accessible Turing-class Quadro: the RTX 4000


Benchmarking and assessing a Turing-class GPU a much different process. At the introduction of its paradigm-shifting Turing generation GPU, Nvidia released three initial versions of Quadro RTX products, the RTX 8000, RTX 6000, and RTX 5000.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Review


NVIDIA’s Turing-infused Quadro RTX 4000 sets out to be a super-fast performer for its $900 price tag, but it also brings a couple of tricks. Those include some RTX special features, like Tensor and RT cores, which already come in..

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 review


Ever since Nvidia unveiled its Quadro RTX ray tracing GPUs last year, the design viz community has been hotly anticipating their arrival. And that’s hardly surprising. The Unreal Engine demos, which featured shiny stormtroopers and..

Powerful Ray Tracing GPU for Workstations


Some data points are too large to fully comprehend: the 7.7 billion people on Earth, the 33.9 million miles to Mars or the 1,890 calories in Olive Garden’s lasagna dip appetizer. But all of those numbers added together pale in..

PNY Q&A - NVIDIA Quadro RTX for realtime ray tracing and more


PNY, an authorized NVIDIA Quadro partner, is helping to bring new tools to artists working in graphics and animation. One of the newest updates in technology is NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX line of graphics boards, which offers a fusion..