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Advanced functional safety and security for edge AI.

NVIDIA IGX™ is an industrial-grade edge AI platform that combines enterprise-level hardware, software, and support. Purpose-built for industrial and medical edge computing, IGX gives organizations the performance, durability, security, and safety they need to take AI to the edge. IGX features programmable safety extensions, commercial OS support, and powerful AI software that let organizations confidently deliver AI safely and securely to support human and machine collaboration.

Key Benefits

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High-performance and energy-efficient systems built for low-latency, real-time applications

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Built-in functional safety extensions to deliver proactive safety in autonomous environments

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End-to-end security with the latest in embedded device security, remote provisioning, and management

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Long-term support for both hardware and software support to ensure product longevity


NVIDIA IGX Orin™ delivers ultra-fast performance in the size and power envelope needed for AI at the edge. With the world's most powerful AI computer for energy-efficient autonomous machines, delivering 275 tera operations per second (TOPS) of AI performance, IGX Orin also includes an NVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 smart network interface card (SmartNIC) with 200 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of networking speed. A safety microcontroller unit (sMCU) built into the board makes it possible to program additional safety functions into the IGX software stack.


NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit



IGX Orin Module: CPU: 12-core ARM / GPU: Ampere 1024 CUDA, 64 Tensor

NVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 smart network interface card(SmartNIC): Delivers 200 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of networking speed, ideal for ingesting high frame rate video.

BMC: Data center ready remote management for firmware updates

sMCU: Works hand in hand with the FSI (Functional Safety Island) and Safety Extension Pack software. Monitors IGX and chassis environment voltage, temperature, fan, and speed.

Chassis including cooling fan

Power supply unit


NVIDIA AI Software Development Kits (SDK): Metropolis, Holoscan, RIVA, Rivermax

Safety Extension Pack

Firmware Updates via the BMC

Commercial OS Integration: Canonical, Red Hat, SUSE

Security: OPTEE

Jetpack/Holopack: CUDA 12.2, Nsight 2023, DS, cuDNN, TRT 6.6, DLFW 23.06

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