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Revolutionize Your Network with Arista's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Seamlessly Integrate High-Performance Networking for AI/ML and Mission-Critical Operations.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability for the AI Era

Arista Networks offers advanced cloud networking solutions designed for large-scale data centers and AI applications. All Arista products, including high-speed switches and routers, are built on the Extensible Operating System (EOS®), which is known for its programmability and resilience. Arista's solutions are ideal for environments requiring high capacity, low latency, and energy efficiency, supporting seamless integration across various cloud networks. This enables enhanced network automation, analytics, and security which are essential for modern enterprise and cloud applications.

  • Scalability & Flexibility
  • High Visibility &Telemetry
  • Openness &Interoperability
  • Advanced Customer Support
  • Merchant Silicon / Transparent Pricing

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Seamless Scalability

Arista's scalable solutions effortlessly grow with your data needs.

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Ultra-Low Latency

Arista offers unmatched speed & reliability, delivering ultra-low latency & high throughput.

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Robust Uptime Guarantees

Count on Arista's robust uptime guarantees for mission-critical operations, ensuring uninterrupted reliability.

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Innovating Cloud & Campus Connectivity

Arista is revolutionizing cloud networking & cognitive campus solutions, advancing connectivity through cutting-edge innovation.

Why Choose Arista Solutions?

High-Performance Ethernet Switches

Elevate Connectivity with Arista's High-Performance Ethernet Switches

Arista offers a range of Ethernet switches with low-latency and cut-through architecture, available in configurations of 10/25/40/50/100/200/400/800 gigabits per second. These switches are particularly prevalent in environments requiring high-frequency trading, such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

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Extensible Operating System (EOS)

A Stable & Flexible Foundation for Seamless Network Operations

Arista's Extensible Operating System (EOS) is a Linux-based network operating system that provides a stable and flexible platform for network operations. It supports a wide range of Layer 3 protocols such as IGMP, VRRP, RIP, BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, and OpenFlow. EOS is designed for high availability with stateful fault repair and live software patching.

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Empowering Network Transformation with CloudVision

Extending the capabilities of EOS, CloudVision offers network-wide automation, telemetry, and orchestration. It integrates with third-party systems for enhanced visibility and analytics, leveraging modern APIs and state streaming for cognitive analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Advanced Network Monitoring & Telemetry

Sophisticated Monitoring for Large-Scale Aggregation, Data Capture & Telemetry

Arista's platforms support sophisticated monitoring tools like MetaWatch and DANZ (Data ANalyZer), providing capabilities for large-scale, lossless tap aggregation, multi-port data capture, and in-depth network telemetry for real-time and historical analysis.

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Network Virtualization & Automation

Streamline Network Operations with Virtualization and Automation

Arista emphasizes simplifying network operations through features like Zero Touch Provisioning and Zero Touch Replacement. Their network virtualization capabilities are integrated into their data center automation processes, facilitating rapid deployment and management of network policies and services.

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AI-Driven Network Identity

Arista's Innovations Power High-Performance AI Networks

Recently, Arista introduced AI-driven network identity solutions such as CloudVision AGNI, which simplifies the management of network identities across various devices and integrates with third-party systems for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

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Networking Products

A 7800 series server

ARISTA 7800R3 Cloud Networking Platform

  • High Performance: Up to 460 Tbps throughput, supporting 576 wire-speed 400G ports for demanding data center and cloud requirements.
  • Versatile Configurations: Available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 slot options for organizations of all sizes.
  • Advanced Traffic Management: Resilient architecture with deep buffers, virtual output queues, low latency, and jitter management.
  • Robust Software Capabilities: Arista EOS provides advanced monitoring, automation, telemetry for scalable, high-performance, secure cloud networks.
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Data Center Switches

Scalable, high-density, and energy-efficient options

  • 7000 series family switches and spline network designs
  • Efficient solutions for diverse network environments
  • 7050X3 and 7060X4 series are 10/25/100G switches designed for:
    • High performance
    • Low latency
    • Rich feature set for software-defined cloud networking
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CloudVision Management Platform

Cloud Vision extends Arista EOS to a network-wide scope

  • Workflow automation and workload orchestration across physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Provides a turnkey solution for:
    • Provisioning
    • Change management
    • Visibility
  • Rapid integration with third-party controllers and orchestration solutions
  • Seamless management of cloud-based and traditional workloads
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Cloud Networking Solutions

Software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data centers and HPC environments

  • Portfolio of 10/25/40/50/100/200/400/800 GbE switches
  • Redefining scalability, agility, and resilience
  • Extensible Operating System (EOS):
    • Ground-breaking network OS
    • Single-image consistency across hardware
    • Modern core architecture
    • Enables in-service upgrades and application extensibility
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Six Arista WiFi access points in front of a building

Cognitive WiFi Solutions

Reliable connectivity, automatic optimization, and actionable intelligence

  • Multi-function radios and AI/ML-driven engine
  • Optimizes application performance and provides visibility into user experience
  • Scalable, resilient, and offers seamless integration for:
    • BYOD enforcement
    • Zero Trust Networking
  • Ensures secure and efficient wireless networks
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WAN Routing and Security

  • AWE-7200R Series WAN Routing Systems:
    • Enterprise Class Routing Systems: Aggregation, WAN Edge, Transit Hub, and Cloud Edge routing platforms for critical sites, campuses, and data centers.
    • Dual Modality: Operates in traditional WAN mode or CloudVision Pathfinder mode with SD-WAN features via open standards.
    • Modular Network Interface Expansion: Supports 1GbE RJ45, SFP+, 25GbE (SFP28), and 100GbE (QSFP28) ports.
    • Zero Touch Provisioning: Enables secure remote installation in ZTP or non-ZTP environments.
  • Cloud Vision:
    • Network-wide approach to automation, orchestration, visibility, and analytics
    • Edge Threat Management provides total network security
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