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NVIDIA AI Workbench

Real productivity for enterprise developers.

AI and Machine Learning Development for Everyone

NVIDIA AI Workbench delivers easy GPU workstation setup and enables developers to work, manage, and collaborate across heterogeneous platforms-regardless of skill level.

Run Pre-Built AI Projects by NVIDIA

AI Workbench removes the complexity of technical tasks that can derail experts and halt beginners, helping to democratize AI and machine-learning development for everyone.

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Chat With Your Documents Using
Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

  • Run an embedding model on your own system to store your documents in a private vector database
  • Configure inference to run in the cloud with an NVIDIA AI API or locally with an NVIDIA NIM.
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Customize Large Language Models
(LLM)s at Any Scale

  • Choose from a variety of models, frameworks, and fine-tuning methods
  • Tailor and deploy on GPU workstations or scale up to datacenter servers
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Generate Custom Images

  • Create custom images from text prompts by running Stable Diffusion XL locally.
  • Easily reproduce in the cloud to fine-tune models with your own images.

The Enterprise Developer's Toolkit

AI Workbench integrates into AI and ML development workflows, removing the complexity of technical tasks that can derail experts and halt beginners.

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Streamline Setup

Experience fast and easy GPU environment setup and configuration.

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Run Projects Anywhere

Easily move workloads, reproduce code, scale up and down, and achieve smooth collaboration across platforms.

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Accelerate AI Workflows

Automation and management to accelerate projects and easily install AI resources.


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