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Ethernet 10G/25G/40G/56G/100G/200G/400G and InfiniBand EDR, HDR100, HDR, NDR200, NDR

PNY Networking product family of cables and transceivers provides the industry’s most complete line of 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, 200G, and 400GbE in Ethernet and EDR, HDR, and NDR in InfiniBand products for Cloud, HPC, Web 2.0, Enterprise, telco, storage and artificial intelligence, data center applications.

PNY cables and transceivers are often used to link top-of-rack switches downwards to network adapters in NVIDIA GPUs and CPU servers, and storage and/or upwards in switch-to-switch applications throughout the network infrastructure.

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High Performance Cabling for AI Networking, Storage and GPU-Based Computing Systems

Experience unparalleled performance with PNY's cutting-edge High-Performance/AI Networking and GPU-Based Computing Systems. Our unique Tier 1 OEM approach ensures top-notch quality and compatibility with NVIDIA Networking Systems. Choose between a 5-year standard warranty or extend it to 10 years for added peace of mind. Count on our dedicated engineering and customer support teams for comprehensive assistance. Our commitment is validated through rigorous functional, performance, and quality of service testing, as well as optical compliance, characterization, and compatibility/interoperability testing. Elevate your computing experience with PNY's innovative and dependable solutions.

  • Unique Tier 1 OEM Approach
  • Compatible with leading OEM Networking Systems, including NVIDIA Networking
  • Warranty – 5 Year Standard Warranty / 10 Year Option
  • Products supported by engineering and customer support team
  • Functional, Performance and Quality of Service Testing
  • Optical Compliance, Characterization and Validation Testing
  • Compatibility and Interoperability Testing
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Four ethernet cables plugged into a server.
Warehouse shelves filled with boxes.

Inventory and Shorter Lead Times

Experience accelerated timelines with PNY. Short lead times (~4 weeks for majority of SKUs) for standard parts, coupled with the flexibility of no minimum order quantities. Simplify your cluster's supply chain, enhance reactivity, and overcome interconnect challenges that often hinder market system launches. Elevate your efficiency with PNY.

Continued Support of End-of-Life Parts

PNY's Cables and Transceivers product range offers a seamless solution to mitigate supply chain disruptions. By providing 1 for 1 alternatives for End-of-Life (EOL) parts from the original manufacturer, we empower you to continue procurement without forced redesigns, ensuring uninterrupted operations and eliminating supply issues.

  • Continued Supply and Support for EOL 1G to 800G parts
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Infiniband Products


DAC & Splitter Cable Products

PNY Direct Attach Copper cables redefine affordability, providing the lowest-cost EDR and HDR links within a range of up to 5m for 25G-NRZ EDR and up to 2.5m for 50G PAM4 HDR. With near-zero latency delays and minimal power consumption, these DACs excel in in-rack connections, seamlessly linking switches to CPU, GPU, memories, and storage subsystems. Their optimal performance is commonly harnessed within system racks, facilitating efficient connections between top-of-rack switches and ConnectX HCAs. Elevate your connectivity with PNY's cost-effective and high-performance Direct Attach Copper cables.

Active Optical Cables (AOC's)

PNY AOCs Cables stand out as the most economical optical interconnect solution in the market. With fibers bonded inside the connectors, mimicking DACs, they extend up to 150 meters for HDR. Available in QSFP for both EDR and HDR rates, PNY has a rich history in AOCs, widely recognized in HPCs, hyperscale, enterprises, and DGX artificial intelligence systems. Choose PNY for cost-effective, high-performance optical interconnect solutions that have stood the test of time in diverse computing environments.


Optical Transceivers

PNY optical transceivers showcase cutting-edge design and manufacturing, with a focus on in-house development of transceiver ICs. Our range includes both multi- and single-mode transceivers, available in QSFP28 and QSFP56, supporting FDR10/FDR, EDR, and HDR. Covering distances up to 2km, 10km, and 40km in both NRZ and 50G-PAM4 modulation, PNY ensures a comprehensive selection of high-performance optical transceivers to meet diverse connectivity needs. Choose PNY for reliability, innovation, and seamless integration across a wide range of network configurations.

Ethernet Products


DAC & Splitter Cable Products

PNY Direct Attach Copper cables stand out as the most cost-effective solution, offering high-speed links from 25G to 400GbE within racks. These cables are optimized for distances up to 5 meters for 25G-NRZ and 3 meters for 50G PAM4-based cables, providing zero latency delays and optimal power consumption for switch-to-CPU, GPU, and storage subsystems. PNY leverages Tier 1 OEMs and extensively tests its cables.


Active Optical Cables (AOCs)

PNY AOCs represent a budget-friendly optical interconnect alternative. With fibers bonded inside connectors, these cables function similarly to DACs but can reach up to 100 meters. Available at data rates from 25G to 400G, PNY ensures top-notch performance. PNY has a rich history in the market, widely used in HPCs, hyperscale, and enterprise networking, as well as in DGX artificial intelligence systems. PNY's design and manufacturing expertise, including OEM specialized integrated circuits, guarantee superior quality.


Optical Transceivers

PNY transceivers stand out with their expert design and manufacturing, incorporating many of the transceiver IC components trough Tier 1 OEMs. We provide a comprehensive range of multi- and single-mode transceivers, spanning from 1G to 800G with reaches of up to 40km in both NRZ and 50G-PAM4 modulation. These versatile transceivers are also seamlessly integrated into our AOCs and splitters, ensuring consistent and reliable performance across our product line.



The QSA (QSFP-to-SFP port Adapter) revolutionizes connectivity by allowing the insertion of a single-channel Ethernet SFP device into a QSFP port. With 10G, 25G NRZ versions, and 50G-PAM4, it accommodates a diverse range of devices, from 0.5m DACs to AOCs to 10km SFP56 LR transceivers. Boasting a low-cost design with zero power consumption and latency, it supports 1GBASE-T up to 50G 10km transceivers. Additionally, the QSA is available in Extended Temperature Ranges (-10C up to 85C) for demanding hot server applications. Upgrade your connectivity seamlessly with QSA technology.

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