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  • 11/15/2022
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PNY Launches New DUO LINK USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drives for Android Devices & Computers

Parsippany, New Jersey, November 15, 2022 - PNY announced today the newest addition to its assortment of OTG Flash Drives, the DUO LINK™ USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drives. With their sleek, all metal design, exceptional performance, and dual USB-C and USB-A connectors, the DUO LINK™ drives represent the latest in hybrid mobile and desktop/laptop computer storage solutions. With a broad range of compatibility between mobile devices, desktop, and laptop computers, DUO LINK is an ideal file management tool for busy, on-the-go users4,5,6.

Image: Image: PNY® DUO LINK™ USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drives

Bridge The Gap in A Mobile World

DUO LINK Dual Flash Drives from PNY are the ideal solution for a broad range of users in today’s mobile world. In terms of general usage, mobile has taken the lead over desktop. PNY’s latest DUO LINK drives bridge the gap between mobile and desktop by allowing users to manage their content across different devices. This capability is especially useful not only for influencers, content creators, and photographers & videographers, but also for mainstream users who simply need to offload content from their mobile devices to make room for more4,5,6!

Free Up Space on Mobile Devices

DUO LINK Dual Flash Drives are the perfect tool to free up space on Android mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets5,6, ensuring that users never miss a moment while they’re on the go. DUO LINK allows users to move photos, videos, music and more from their Type-C equipped Android mobile devices5,6 to the drive, making room for new content. Whether that be multi-media content for a new social post or YouTube video, or simply more photos of friends and family, DUO LINK makes it happen.

Transfer Content to Take it to The Next Level

More content is being captured, created, and consumed on mobile platforms than ever before. However, that content does not always make it to a more permanent location. PNY’s DUO LINK drives ensure users make the most out of their photos and videos by providing a way for them to be transferred from the smartphones & tablets5,6 on which they were captured, to computers4,6, at exceptional read speeds of up to 200MB/s3 and transfers up to 30x faster than USB 2.03. Users can then take their content to the next level with editing software to create videos, social posts, process prints, or simply save memories for posterity on a permanent storage device.

Dual Connectors for Expanded Connectivity

PNY’s DUO Link USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drives are incredibly versatile, and ideal for use across multiple operating systems and host devices. They feature a USB 3.2 Type-C connector for Type-C Android mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets5,6 and newer gen laptop & desktop computers4,6, and a USB 3.2 Type-A connector for prior gen computers, car stereos, and printers4,6. These drives allow users to manage content across a range of devices, and with up to 256GB2 of storage, the potential for content creation & file management is near limitless.

OverclocProduct Line Specifications:

  • Capacities: 64GB-256GB2
  • Interface 1: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C
  • Interface 2: USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A
  • Read Performance: Up to 200MB/s3
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 30x faster than standard USB 2.03
  • Compatibility: Type-C equipped Android mobile devices and computers, Type-A computers, as well as other full-size USB-A devices4,5,6

Product Availability

PNY DUO LINK USB 3.2 Type-C Dual Flash Drives are available immediately at the below SRP’s. Contact a PNY account manager for details or purchase through,, or

  • 64GB: $12.99
  • 128GB: $19.99
  • 256GB: $29.99

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  2. For Flash Media Devices, 1 megabyte = 1 million bytes; 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes. Actual useable capacity may vary. Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for data storage.
  3. Based on PNY internal testing; performance may be lower depending on the host devices and user’s settings and configurations. Speed quoted for USB 3.2 Gen 1/USB 3.0 devices. Speed is based on PNY standard USB 2.0 (3MB/s) write speed. Performs at 2.0 speeds when used with 2.0 devices.
  4. Compatible with devices with a Type-C or USB-A port.
  5. Mobile device with OTG (On-The-Go) support required.
  6. Type-C connector compatible with Apple MacBooks and iMacs, but not compatible with Apple iOS devices (iPads).