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Breakthrough Data Center Universal Accelerator for Efficient Video, AI, and Graphics

The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture L4 Tensor Core GPU is NVIDIA's most compact data center accelerator for use in mainstream PCIe-based servers and is an ideal means of adding GPU acceleration to CPU-based systems. Delivering universal acceleration and energy efficiency for video, AI, virtual workstations, and graphics in the enterprise, cloud, or edge.

With NVIDIA's comprehensive AI and graphics full-stack software, the NVIDIA L4 GPU addresses next-generation video and inference at scale for AI tasks including recommendation applications, voice-based AI avatar assistants, generative AI, and contact center automation and biomolecular dynamics simulations.

Adding L4 to existing data center infrastructure dramatically scales the number of users that can be supported. L4's high server density positions it to deliver massive performance improvements across all major use cases and deployment scenarios, to tackle ever more complex problems with greater speed and efficiency.

Learn how The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace L4 Tensor Core GPU delivers universal acceleration and energy efficiency for industry standard servers in the data center for video, artificial intelligence (AI), virtualized desktop, and graphics applications in the enterprise, the cloud, and at the edge. With NVIDIA's AI platform and full-stack approach, L4 is optimized for inference at scale for a broad range of AI applications including:

  • Recommendations
  • Voice-based AI avatar assistants
  • Generative AI
  • Contact center automation
  • Biomolecular dynamics simulations
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