Siggraph 2016 Event Wrap Up

Siggraph 2016 Photo Gallery

At SIGGRAPH 2016, PNY demonstrated how NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs are revolutionising next-generation professional VR workflows. NVIDIA Quadro GPUs offer low-latency VR rendering, scalable performance and synchronization across multi-GPUs.

Available from select PNY Partners, Iray Certified Rendering Systems showcased how Quadro multi-GPU support provides performance scaling for even the most demanding models or scenes in a digital workflow or production pipeline.

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Technology Spotlight:

VR Product Design

Attendees were blown away by the amazing, immersive Autodesk VRED VR experience, driven by multiple NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB GPUs. After donning a HTC Vive headset, a panoramic view of a spectacular virtual sports car could be experienced. Attendees "sat" behind the wheel of a virtual sports car and explored all the interior design elements.

System: Powered by two NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB GPUs, Silverdraft's DEMON VR ultra-workstation highlighted how quickly you can visualise and evaluate product designs running Autodesk's VRED™ Professional 3D visualisation and virtual prototyping software.

Target use: Auto design prototyping, product design review.

Pro VR Ready

Attendee sits in a virtual sports car

Stunning VR Architectural Visualization

Rogers Arena transformed with CANVAS

IMMERSIVE Design Studios CANVAS provided stunning life-sized (and life-like) architectural visualizations and walkthroughs of Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks.   As one viewer with an HTC Vive navigated Rogers Arena others could follow the action on an external display – which in a commercial setting would consist of an immersive multi-projector installation.  CANVAS’ use of Unreal Engine 4 enables integrated video playback along with live-capture and tracking; bringing new levels of immediacy, immersion, and interactivity to AEC visualization.

System: Two Silverdraft DEMON VR ultra-workstations fueled by Quadro M6000 24GB boards, running IMMERSIVE Design Studios CANVAS with an external display and HTC Vive headset.

Target use: AEC walkthroughs, Architectural Visualization, Corporate presentations, Sports and Entertainment events.

360 VR Editing

Looking out for virtual objects in the sky

Wearing a HTC Vive headset, visitors experienced Bridgestone tires raining down from the sky and what it’s like to get a puncture when driving a car at 80 mph! Created for the launch of Bridgestone’s Driveguard Tires in Belgium, this impactful 360 VR commercial was edited using Mettle’s Skybox 360/VR plugin with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Editing 4K 360 degree pre-stitched content with multiple layers of color grading, 360 motion graphics and titles using Skybox 360 VR plugin requires large graphics frame buffers and extreme compute capabilities– the Quadro M6000 24GB handles these with ease.

The massive frame buffers of the Quadro M6000 24GB enables you to speed up the rendering of After Effects 360 titles, motion graphics and composites and then allows you to preview this complex 360 VR compositing with the HTC Vive directly from the Adobe timeline - scrubbing and playing production segments in real-time.

System: Adobe®Premiere Pro® CC, Mettle’s Skybox 360/VR Toolbox and a Colfax workstation powered by a Quadro M6000 24GB graphics board with a HTC Vive Headset.

Target use: VR projects for Television, Film and Video production.


Iray® Distributed Rendering

Iray Certified Rendering Systems, featuring multiple Quadro M6000 24GB boards, demonstrated queue (batch) or streaming client remote rendering support. Rigorously specified, integrated and tested to exacting standards using NVIDIA’s NVQual software, these systems provide an optimum blend of performance and stability for even the most demanding workflows or production pipelines.

SIGGRAPH visitors saw how Iray plugins for 3DS MAX, MAYA, Cinema 4D and Rhino support real-time photorealistic rendering on either local GPUs, or remote rendering via queueing or streaming capabilities offered by Iray Server, for immediate review and refinement on the client. With Iray remote rendering photorealistic results are realizable on any notebook or desktop system featuring an NVIDIA GPU.

Iray Certified Rendering Systems
  • EXXACT Iray Certified Rendering System with four Quadro M6000 24GB graphics boards, running Iray server software
  • RAVE RENDERBEAST Iray Certified Rendering system with two Quadro M6000 24GB graphics boards running Iray server software and connected to RAVE MOBILEBEAST clients.
Iray Client Systems
  • RAVE MOBILEBEAST client systems with Quadro M6000 24GB loaded with the full applications and Iray plugins for 3DS MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D and Rhino.

Target use: Product Design and Prototyping, Architectural Design, Visual Effects for Television, Film and Video production.

Iray Certified Rendering systems are available in a variety of configurations from multiple vendors. Find the links below to learn more about the systems each partner offers:

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