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  • 7/22/2021
  • PNY

PNY Announces Availability of NVIDIA Networking Products

Enhanced Partnership Extends PNY’s Solutions Portfolio into Accelerating Compute and Cloud Data

Parisppany, NJ - July 22, 2021 – PNY Technologies today announced that it now has available to order the latest NVIDIA® networking products. Modern data centers run distributed applications across a composable infrastructure consisting of disaggregated GPUs, CPUs, memory and storage that require flexible, high-speed connections. NVIDIA networking accelerates and offloads data transfers to ensure compute resources never “go hungry” due to lack of data or bandwidth. Smart adapters and switches reduce latency, increase efficiency, enhance security, and simplify data center automation so applications run faster. The NVIDIA networking roster available from PNY includes:

NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNICs

The industry-leading NVIDIA ConnectX family of smart network interface cards (SmartNICs) and InfiniBand adapters offer advanced hardware offloads and accelerations. NVIDIA ConnectX Ethernet SmartNICs and InfiniBand adapters enable the highest ROI and lowest Total Cost of Ownership for hyperscale, public and private clouds, storage, machine learning, AI, big data, and telco platforms. Powered by NVIDIA ASAP2 (Accelerated Switch and Packet Processing Technology, ConnectX SmartNICs accelerate network performance while reducing the CPU overhead of Internet Protocol (IP) packet transport, freeing more processor cycles to run applications. With unmatched RDMA performance, ConnectX SmartNICs deliver efficient, high-performance remote direct-memory access services to bandwidth- and latency- sensitive applications, while offloading and accelerating encryption and decryption at speeds up to 200Gb/s.

NVIDIA Ethernet Switching Solutions

The NVIDIA Ethernet Switch platform delivers cloud-scale efficiency to data centers of all sizes. The NVIDIA Cumulus Operational model was built for automating networks using a NetDevOps approach which starts with a digital twin network, hosted on NVIDIA AIR, where security compliance, provisioning, monitoring, and automation can be validated prior to deploying a physical network. The NVIDIA Spectrum switch platforms come in form factors fit for any workload, optimized to deliver the highest levels of network performance and visibility. Providing telemetry collection, and fabric validation, NVIDIA NetQ validates digital twins as well as physical networks by leveraging hardware-accelerated telemetry.

NVIDIA InfiniBand Switches

High-performance computing (HPC) and AI applications require the most advanced high-speed networking. NVIDIA InfiniBand switches provide the highest performance and smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines, enabling world-leading supercomputing platforms. NVIDIA's family of InfiniBand switches deliver a complete chassis and fabric management that enables managers to build highly cost-effective and scalable switch fabrics ranging from small clusters up to tens of thousands of nodes. Features like adaptive routing, congestion control and quality of service ensure the maximum effective fabric performance under all types of traffic conditions.

NVIDIA Cables and Transceivers

The NVIDIA LinkX product family of cables and transceivers provides the industry’s most complete line of 10, 25, 40, 50, 100, 200, and 400GbE in Ethernet and EDR, HDR, and NDR in InfiniBand products for cloud, HPC, Web 2.0, enterprise, telco, storage, AI, and data center applications.

LinkX cables and transceivers are often used to link top-of-rack switches downwards to network adapters in NVIDIA GPU- and CPU-servers and storage, and upwards in switch-to-switch applications throughout the network infrastructure. From cables to DAC and splitter cable products, active optical cables (AOCs), optical transceivers, and related accessories. The reliability of any network or fabric depends on interconnect quality, and NVIDIA is a proven industry leader in this vital area of expertise.

“The high-performance computing, cloud, Web 2.0, machine learning, data analytics, and storage markets are driving increasing demands for more computing power, efficiency, and scalability,” said Steven Kaner, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PNY. “To meet these needs, PNY is proud to partner with NVIDIA to deliver complete end-to-end solutions supporting Ethernet and InfiniBand networking technologies. This exciting new arena will allow PNY to comprehensively support our partner ecosystem and customers as they scale out and scale up their data center networking infrastructure to deliver the solutions only elastic and high-performance data centers can offer.”


NVIDIA networking SmartNICs, Ethernet or InfiniBand switches, and LinkX interconnects, along with support plans, are available to order now from PNY Technologies. PNY Partners can register NVIDIA Networking Solutions opportunities at

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