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Karine Paoli

Karine Paoli

Artistic Photographer

#Artistic #Photography #Hyperactivity #Energy #MomentsOfHappiness

Connect With Karine:

"When I was 12, my father gave me my first camera ... It came everywhere with me and I had fun taking photos of anything and everything.. I photographed whatever I found beautiful, funny, strange ... and my vocation was born..."

Karine's Bio

Photographer Karine Paoli was born and lives in Paris. Karine Paoli has transformed hyperactivity into an art. Overflowing with energy, enthused by the world and people around her, she captures fleeting events: moments of happiness, slices of life, ephemeral images. Her keen eye constantly seeks out everyday and unique stories, and no place or country escapes her scrutiny. With great sensitivity and perception, the artist presents us with a different view of locations which are familiar to us all. She creates a new perception of the world around us, through the magic of a reflection in a puddle or a shop window, by focusing on a detail, or in the graphic and geometrical presentation of shapes. This artist brings her extremely feminine, contemporary approach to a society in perpetual movement, presenting us with her laid back, urban vision of the world. Karine Paoli is also President of the "Paris Artistes" association and Founder of the HUG ME Concept. Text written by Stephanie Moran from Galry.


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