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Lorenz Holder

Lorenz Holder

Sport Photographer

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"Be patient and try to create your personal style, so people will recognize your work, even if there is no name next to the image."

Lorenz's Bio

Growing up near the mountains in Munich, Germany helped Lorenz get hooked on snowboarding at a very young age, and he quickly rose to become what he calls "semi-pro". Unfortunately, a serious injury cut his riding career short, but having picked up a camera instead he wasted no time forging an alternative path in the industry and today he is a senior photographer for both Nitro Snowboards and the respected German title Pleasure. Right now he works for clients like MINI, Red Bull. "I love to shoot unusual locations" he says, "and making the viewer aware of things they wouldn't even notice if they were there." A master of flash photography, Lorenz enjoys a reputation for creative, perfectly lit shots that verge on the cinematic.


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