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Luke Massey

Luke Massey

Wildlife Photographer

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Connect With Luke:

"Photography allows me to show people the natural world in all its beauty, and sometimes in all its horror, especially with the awful things we as humans inflict on the planet and its wild inhabitants. It is a way of being able to tell a story, to inspire someone to care, to educate and make a difference."

Luke's Bio

Luke Massey is a professional wildlife photographer and cameraman with his stills work being widely published in leading publications such as Geographical, BBC Wildlife and Outdoor Photography magazine and his film work being featured on Netflix, National Geographic channel and the BBC.

In 2016 his work was awarded Young Environmental Photographer of the Year, 'Wildlife' category winner in Travel Photographer of the Year, highly commended in GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the year 'Birds' category and finally, a runner up in the 'Urban' category of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.

Luke's passion is to document unique and interesting stories as well as important conservation issues. He's worked all over the place from 28 floors above Chicago photographing peregrine falcons at the nest, to the remote hills of the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park in search of the world's rarest cat, the Iberian lynx.


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