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Sebastien Montaz

Sebastien Montaz

Nature Photographer

#Nature #Photography #Filmmaker #Storytelling

Connect With Sebastien:

"What inspires you? Knowing how to reinvent yourself and not knowing what direction to take." "What do you think makes a good photo? It's about the emotion that it releases."

Sebastien's Bio

Sebastien is one of a new generation of filmmakers working mainly with DSLR cameras and launching films via internet platforms. With no formal film training, growing up in the mountains & working as a mountain guide and ski instructor has equipped him with the skills and experience to get into the midst of the action, bringing a new and surprising perspective to everything he films.

In demand for commercial work, Sebastien brings a fresh and personal approach to projects with the main emphasis on storytelling. An active user of social media, he regularly publishes filming tips and backstage sequences. Shooting in highly inaccessible locations, he has devised ways and adapted equipment allowing him to travel as light as possible.

"My philosophy when filming is to be discreet, and above all authentic. The magic of the moment is paramount, capturing what happens as it happens, organically and naturally. It is really important to be able to convey a strong human element - illustrating the qualities, talents and personalities of the people filmed."

Sebastien has a substantial and loyal audience, with over 50 000 followers on Facebook and new productions in high demand across the globe from film festivals, television channels and the viewing public alike. The 'Balloon Highline' clip reached over a million views in under a week, the trailer for the film 'I Believe I Can Fly' - 8 million views and 20 000 downloads, plus significant sales for television broadcast. His productions have received numerous awards in film festivals, and he is frequently solicited to shoot and produce for major tv channels & advertising agencies."


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