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NVIDIA® Omniverse™ Enterprise creates a more harmonious and efficient environment for today’s dynamic teams by connecting them and the 3D apps and tools they use every day. This exciting webinar hosted by PNY and BOXX will highlight Omniverse Enterprise features and benefits, discuss the latest enhancements to this real-time-3D design collaboration and simulation platform for enterprises, BOXX hardware purpose-built to realize the full potential of Omniverse Enterprise, and key NVIDIA Data Center GPUs along with select NVIDIA RTX™ pro graphics boards that Omniverse is based on.


  • NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, its foundational components, and the underlying NVIDIA technology that provides physically accurate visualization and simulation.
  • How the extensibility and flexibility of Omniverse Enterprise allows companies or institutions to tailor it to meet their exact needs.
  • The value proposition to customers across industries such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations, Media and Entertainment or Manufacturing and Product Design.
  • How Omniverse Enterprise helps companies address remote and hybrid work challenges while enabling a transformative new era of 3D design pipelines and digital twin simulation.
  • NVIDIA-Certified System BOXX hardware for secure and seamless NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise workflows including APEXX EVEREST, APEXX Matterhorn, and FLEXX A1G.
  • BOXX Cloud, the secure, high-performance, virtual private cloud workstation service powered by BOXX.
  • BOXX Jam Sessions that let you explore and experience NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Ideal NVIDIA data center GPU and select NVIDIA RTX pro GPUs for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.


Sy Cody White

Host and Digital Video Content Producer, 

Carl Flygare

NVIDIA Professional Graphics Product Marketing Manager,

Phil Lowrey

Technical Marketing Manager,
Boxx Technologies

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