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Data Science Central Podcast Series: NVIDIA-Powered Data Science Solutions

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This latest Data Science Central podcast covers how Data Science essentially spans every industry, discusses a day in the life of a data scientist working on CPUs vs. GPUs, how NVIDIA CUDA-X AI transforms data science, and - with RAPIDS and Apache ARROW in GPU Memory - implements an end-to-end GPU accelerated data science pipeline.

We'll also discuss how NVIDIA's latest Ampere architecture-based data center and workstation GPUs, ranging from the unprecedented NVIDIA A100, the NVIDIA A40, and the category leading NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A5000, and RTX A4000, bring productivity and insight enhancing acceleration to data science and big data analytics professionals.


Sean Welch

Host and Producer, Data Science Central

Carl Flygare

NVIDIA Pro GPU Marketing Manager, PNY Technologies

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