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Join our webinar to explore how AI-enabled video analytics solutions based on NVIDIA Metropolis solve complex operational and safety problems across a broad range of industries.

 The NVIDIA Metropolis application framework, set of developer tools, and partner ecosystem merges visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety by evaluating sensor data; resulting in frictionless retail, streamlined inventory management, real-time optical inspection on factory floors, and more. With cutting-edge technology and an extensive developer ecosystem, businesses can now create, deploy, and scale AI and IoT applications—from the edge to the cloud.


  • Cities maintain safety and improve city infrastructure with intelligent traffic systems, efficient public transit, and smart buildings.
  • Retailers leverage AI-enabled video analytics to implement frictionless checkout, address loss prevention and improve inventory management.
  • Manufacturers increase productivity and reduce waste by using AI for automated optical inspection, preventive maintenance, and remote asset monitoring.
  • Healthcare facilities enhance operational efficiency and deliver better patient experiences with automated temperature screening, PPE detection, patient monitoring, and surgery analytics.
  • To fast-track AI development with NVIDIA GPU accelerated technologies such as pre-trained models, the TAO Toolkit, and DeepStream SDK.


Carl Flygare

NVIDIA Pro GPU Marketing Manager,
PNY Technologies

Adam Scraba

Director of Product Marketing,

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