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About Webinar

GTC 21 saw the announcement of the exciting new NVIDIA® RTX A5000 and RTX A4000. Learn all about these category redefining products, the solutions they enable, and how they can unleash new vistas of creativity and productivity for creative, design, engineering, healthcare, and scientific/technical professionals who depend on GPUs to deliver their best work. NVIDIA also announced enhanced Turing architecture NVIDIA T1000, T600, and T400 boards – all of which offer full compatibility with small form factor (SFF) workstations or professional PCs.

Topics Covered

  • Customer testimonials and insights into how NVIDIA RTX is transforming manufacturing and product design, AEC, data science and big data analytics, M&E, medical imaging and healthcare, HPC, and scientific and technical visual computing, including how NVIDIA RTX crosses the ‘uncanny valley’ by realizing lifelike digital humans.
  • NVIDIA’s overall visual and AI computing platform, which scales from pro mobile devices to the cloud, and the extensive array of software, libraries, SDKs, and utilities that make NVIDIA professional graphics the only choice – along with an unmatched and vibrant ISV community – to realize new creative or professional vistas.
  • Visual computing market forecasts and trends that will give you insights into expected growth across key verticals, adoption of new technologies like VR, and new work patterns (pandemic and post-pandemic).
  • The new NVIDIA RTX A5000, RTX A4000, NVIDIA T1000, T600, and T400, the performance improvements you can expect, and the new features you will benefit from.


John Della Bona

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Professional Visualization, Graphics, NVIDIA

John Della Bona is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for professional visualization at NVIDIA – where he previously worked as the global marketing campaign manager for AI and machine learning, and has held other marketing roles at Infoblox, Cisco, Symantec, and iHeartMedia.

Carl Flygare

NVIDIA Pro GPU Marketing Manager, PNY Technologies

With nearly 15 years at PNY, Carl’s deep knowledge of NVIDIA RTX products that catalyze the development of innovative solutions across a broad array of professional markets, make him an ideal webinar participant.

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