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Scalable GPU-Accelerated Rendering

Accelerate Your Workflow with VCA Certified Systems from Select PNY Partners

GPU accelerated rendering addresses the growing problem of scalability and performance expectations that emerge as ever growing needs for immersion and predictable product design become apparent. The original NVIDIA Quadro VCA (Visual Computing Appliance) has received many awards and accolades since its launch. Building on this superb foundation, NVIDIA and PNY are now transitioning VCA to partner built systems, allowing customers to purchase from their regional, local system integrator or manufacturing partner. This better addresses the increasing demand for GPU accelerated rendering while providing the best purchase experience, support, product quality, stability, features and performance available for your organization’s needs.

NVIDIA VCA Certified Systems give you the best performance and scalability across increasingly demanding workflows for Manufacturing, AEC and M&E. As your business needs grow within your organization, use the power of a partner-built VCA Certified System within your workflow(s) to scale and grow resources from a network closet to the datacenter. Have confidence that you can have a ubiquitous rendering solution your entire organization can tap into, from an ambitious startup that requires a turnkey solution, to a global enterprise that needs to provide photorealistic rendering on-demand and protect sensitive intellectual property.


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In addition to NVIDIA Iray, VCA Certified Systems are compatible with GPU accelerated rendering applications such a Chaos Group V-Ray RT, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro and CATIA Live rendering. All VCA systems pass the same rigorous NVQual test process NVIDIA developed for their VCA, so VCA Certified systems will reliably perform at maximum throughput for the life of the system.

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