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    NVIDIA A30

    Versatile Compute Acceleration for Mainstream Enterprise Servers

    Bring accelerated performance to every enterprise workload with NVIDIA® A30 Tensor Core GPUs. With NVIDIA Ampere architecture Tensor Cores and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), it delivers speedups securely across diverse workloads, including AI inference at scale and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. By combining fast memory bandwidth and low-power consumption in a PCIe form factor optimized for mainstream servers, A30 enables an elastic data center and delivers maximum value for enterprises.

    The NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPU delivers a versatile platform for mainstream enterprise workloads, like AI inference, training, and HPC. With TF32 and FP64 Tensor Core support, as well as an end-to-end software and hardware solution stack, A30 ensures that mainstream AI training and HPC applications can be rapidly addressed. Multi-instance GPU (MIG) ensures quality of service (QoS) with secure, hardware-partitioned, right-sized GPUs across all of these workloads for diverse users, optimally utilizing GPU compute resources.


    Performance Highlights

    CUDA Cores


    Tensor Cores


    Peak FP64

    5.2 TFLOPS

    Peak FP64 Tensor Core

    10.3 TFLOPS

    Peak FP32

    10.3 TFLOPS

    TF32 Tensor Core

    82 TFLOPS | 165 TFLOPS*

    BFLOAT16 Tensor Core

    165 TFLOPS | 330 TFLOPS*

    Peak FP16 Tensor Core

    165 TFLOPS | 330 TFLOPS*

    Peak INT8 Tensor Core

    330 TOPS | 661 TOPS*

    GPU Memory

    24 GB HBM2

    Memory Bandwidth

    933 GB/s

    Thermal Solutions


    Maximum Power Consumption

    165 W

    System Interface

    PCIe Gen 4.0 | 64 GB/s

    Multi-Instance GPU Support


    vGPU Support


    *With sparsity

    Deep Learning Training

    A30 leverages groundbreaking features to optimize inference workloads. It accelerates a full range of precisions, from FP64 to TF32 and INT4. Supporting up to four MIGs per GPU, A30 lets multiple networks operate simultaneously in secure hardware partitions with guaranteed quality of service (QoS). Structural sparsity support delivers up to 2x more performance on top of A30's other inference performance gains. NVIDIA's market-leading AI performance was demonstrated in MLPerf Inference. Combined with the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, which easily deploys AI at scale, A30 brings this groundbreaking performance to every enterprise.

    Enterprise -Ready Utilization

    A30 with MIG maximizes the utilization of GPU accelerated infrastructure. With MIG, an A30 GPU can be partitioned into as many as four independent instances, giving multiple users access to GPU acceleration. MIG works with Kubernetes, containers, and hypervisor-based server virtualization. MIG lets infrastructure managers offer a right-sized GPU with guaranteed QoS for every job, extending the reach of accelerated computing resources to every user.

    High Performance Data Analytics

    Data scientists need to be able to analyze, visualize, and turn massive datasets into insights. But scale-out solutions are often bogged down by datasets scattered across multiple servers. Accelerated servers with A30 provide the needed compute power – along with large HBM2 memory, 933 GB/s of memory bandwidth, and scalability with NVLink – to tackle these workloads. Combined with NVIDIA InfiniBand, NVIDIA Magnum IO and the RAPIDS site of open-source libraries, including the RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark, the NVIDIA data center platform accelerates these huge workloads at unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.

    vGPU Software Support

    • NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC)
    • NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps)
    • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)
    • NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)
    • vGPU Profiles from 1 GB to 24 GB

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