PNY Technologies Inc.


Our Solutions

PNY’s leading-edge products deliver tailored OEM solutions for a broad range of industries and applications including: Automotive, Gaming, Cloud Data Center Storage, Networking, Surveillance and Medical all from a sole source vendor.


Quality, controlled BOMS and long term support are key factors to customers in the automotive industry.

Many of today’s car buyers are more concerned with technology in the dash than the engine of the car. Demand for in car entertainment, advanced driving assistance, and wireless connectivity is taking automotive designs to the next level. PNY delivers the turnkey solutions to optimize your designs!

Our Advantage

  • Experience & Expertise: World class engineering support
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested and qualified products for customized solutions
  • Longevity: Strong & stable supply chain for controlled /locked BOMS and pricing advantage.

Optimize Intelligent Electronics Applications
Optimize applications such as in-car navigation, intelligent electronics and entertainment systems with nonvolatile memory options in higher speeds and densities. PNY offers a robust assortment of reliable, high speed flash cards solutions in capacities up to 128GB. All flash cards are rigorously tested and are Shock Proof, Waterproof, Temperature Proof and Magnet Proof to help sustain the long term requirements of today’s automotive industry.

Store & Distribute Upgrades
Save on printing costs by utilizing portable USB Flash drives to deliver system upgrades, warranty information, and service manuals. Available in a variety of capacities and can be customized to support marketing efforts.

Cloud Data Storage

Data centers everywhere face ongoing demands for higher performance and greater efficiency.

Cost-efficiency is a primary concern for data center IT managers seeking to enhance performance for complex applications while reducing overhead costs.  IT managers are looking for ways to increase capacity and capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software.

The need for improved performance to process larger data sets, increasingly complex applications, higher traffic and server virtualization are all placing huge focus on the need for enhanced storage and memory.

PNY delivers industry leading storage and performance solutions to scale, simplify, consolidate, and automate - assisting to lower TCO and maximize the value of your data center.

Our Advantage

    • Reliability: Rely on products that are rigorously tested and qualified
    • Performance: Maximize your server utilization with the high performance memory and storage solutions
    • Scalability: Our products enable quick scale-out of performance and capacity, making your data center more nimble
    • Efficiency: High-capacity, low-power solutions for improved TCO
    • Longevity: Solid-State Drives offered in a wide variety of endurance level options

Maximize Storage While Lowering TCO
PNY Solid-State Drives offer enterprise class performance for read-intensive application workloads in server and cloud computing environments. As a more durable and reliable solution than traditional hard drives, PNY SSDs require less maintenance, utilize less power and lower TCO for system integrators. PNY offers 80 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB and 960 GB capacities, as well as varying endurance models to meet even the most challenging data center storage needs. Offered in both 9.5mm and 7mm options, do more with every inch of rack space and maximize your profit!

Enhanced Performance for Mission Critical Operations
Accelerate speed of connectivity among servers and storage arrays, minimize bottlenecks and optimize data center performance with PNY DRAM. PNY delivers server-grade memory products that have passed stringent testing and quality control measures and provide 24-hour non-stop performance for the world’s ever-demanding cloud computing applications. Our server-grade memory products are designed to meet all the requirements of cloud storage applications, including high speed, reliability, and storage capacity, all backed by our competitive warranty commitment.


Delivering a vibrant, real-time, and immersive multimedia experience is key to the gaming industry as these features entice players to stay at the gaming machines longer and increase revenue opportunities.

In addition to delivering visual superiority, manufacturers of electronic gaming machines are governed by many regional jurisdictional regulations and certifications for their company and products. PNY delivers solutions that combine outstanding visualization, enhanced performance and reliability while meeting gaming security demands.

Our Advantage

  • Visual Superiority: NVIDIA Quadro® Graphics Cards include industry leading NVIDIA® based GPU chipset to deliver high quality next-generation graphics
  • Graphics Rendering: The advanced 3D graphics engine and programmable shader architecture support Microsoft® DirectX® 11 and beyond technology for superior graphics rendering
  • Multi-Display Support: PNY offers high visual/graphic solutions for single, dual, triple and quad display environments to support all gaming environments
  • Robust Product Assortment: NVIDIA Quadro Graphics visual solutions, performance  Memory modules, as well as Solid-State Drive storage solutions in capacities up to 480 GB and endurance up to 10K
  • Expertise: Experienced engineering team familiar with specific gaming regulations

Secure Storage
PNY Solid-State Drives and Flash Memory Cards are easily integrated and offer built-in security features for gaming machines, including write protection on devices and partitioning of storage to prevent unauthorized accessing and modification of data. With no moving parts and lower power consumption, PNY SSDs offer a reliable storage solution while keeping operating costs down.

Through our experienced in-house firmware team, we take pride in tailoring solutions to meet customers’ specific needs in accordance with local regulations for the casino gaming industry. We guarantee products longevity and stability, and furthermore, we offer flexible and customized part numbers, which accommodates any future changes necessary for parts of the SSD.

Immersive Visual Experience
NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics Cards were designed with the casino gaming hardware industry in mind. Designed utilizing industry leading NVIDIA GPU chipsets, these graphics cards deliver the ultimate immersive experience.

Our broad product portfolio includes a wide range of discrete graphics cards for embedded computing applications. These cards are an ideal solution for adding visual performance to gaming platforms.

NVIDIA Quadro K600 and NVIDIA Quadro K2000 are the perfect gaming application solutions, offering the perfect blend of price, performance and features for game system developers.

Our Features Include:

  • NVIDIA performance GPUs
  • PCI-e x16 and MXM formats
  • Low profile models
  • Low power consumption
  • Fanless passive cooled models
  • up to 6 monitors
  • 3 and 5 year production lifecycles

Enhance Overall Gaming Performance
PNY delivers a complete assortment of high speed, low latency modules to support color at higher resolutions and deliver the power for enhanced 3-D rendering with amazing character realism and texture versatility.

Experience improved performance of gaming software applications and visualization with PNY memory:

  • Smoother multitasking
  • More efficient video editing
  • Optimized Windows XP processing
  • Cutting-edge gaming


From monitoring, to data-logging devices, medical imaging, visual simulation and scientific research, PNY delivers seamless product integration solutions to help you achieve your objective of improved patient care.

Unlike traditional computing, medical applications often require unique customization and support for operations in harsh environments.

Our Advantage
  • Reliability: Rigorous testing process and competitive warranty options
  • Performance: High speed, low latency module options for improved application performance and data handling
  • Security: A comprehensive SSD portfolio including standard to enterprise class storage products with higher capacities, up to 10K endurance options and self-encrypted technology for secure medical application
  • Robust Portfolio: A broad assortment of storage, performance and visualization solutions to meet the varying need of the healthcare industry

Improved Quality of Healthcare
For people facing the possibility of serious illnesses, such as cancer, accurate and timely test results are vital. Exposure to radiation, a necessity to perform some tests and treatments, may itself pose risks over time. At the very least, delays in imaging processing and diagnosis can hinder both a hospital's efficiency and a patient's peace of mind. PNY products enhance performance and deliver high quality visualization for quick and accurate delivery of results and treatment options.

Enhance Visualization Solutions for small and large scale needs
Medical imaging technologies running on GPUs produce better, safer results in less time. NVIDIA Quadro Grayscale Products were designed with diagnostic Imaging in mind. Medical imaging applications can take advantage of the NVIDIA Quadro advanced feature set, including Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology, up to 448 NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel processing cores and up to 6GB of memory for fast image processing and software management tools, such as nView, that support a large range of display configurations.

Reliable and Secure Storage Options
PNY Solid-State Drives offer a reliable and secure storage option for medical records. Offering self-encryption technology, they provide the optimal solution for sensitive record storage . Available in 120 GB - 480 GB and up to 10K endurance for high capacity and long term storage.

Improved Performance for Critical Diagnosis
Memory dramatically enhances performance and response time for complex computing applications. PNY offers a robust assortment of high speed, low latency memory options to deliver quicker application results for critical diagnostic situations.


Networkers are tasked with building and maintaining IT infrastructures that support their organizations applications and databases, as well as the servers, storage, and network services that securely support those infrastructures.

Enterprise customers have a strong need to efficiently manage heavy data and application workloads and are seeking higher capacity and performance storage solutions. To support these ever changing needs, they seek vendors offering custom application designs, strong supply chain support, lower costs and rapid deployment.

PNY delivers advantages in performance, efficiency, cost, virtualization and tiering. From robust networks, to data centers, to servers and mission critical network applications, PNY is uniquely positioned to provide turnkey global flash storage and performance solutions with better costs and quicker time to market.

Our Advantage

  • Scalability: Seamlessly scale-out network performance and capacity to meet your business needs
  • Reliability: Rigorous testing, advantageous warranty & up to 10K endurance to sustain demanding networking needs
  • Performance: High-speed, low latency for handling heavy customer & employee workloads, e-mail and overall system performance
  • Robust Product Portfolio: Our comprehensive product portfolio includes standard to Enterprise Class flash products with higher endurance & self-encrypted technology

Increase storage, maintain infrastructure and lower TCO 
Solid-State Drives offer a more durable storage solution than tradition hard drives, and with no moving parts, they minimize infrastructure down time. Utilizing less power consumption and space, these flash solutions maximize storage capacity while minimizing TCO.

PNY offers a broad portfolio of SSDs supporting standard to demanding high traffic and I/O-intensive application network environments. Our Prevail Enterprise-Class Solid-State Drive architecture is optimized for mission critical enterprise server applications, including storage, caching, WAN ,VPN/Firewall,  as well as OLTP and other high transaction workloads, featuring 2.5" SATA III, 6Gbps interface, support 256-bit AES encryption and Secure Erase. The Prevail series of SSDs are powered by the SandForce 2200 family of controllers, offering up to 450MB/s seq. read, 430MB/s seq. write speeds, and 70,000 random read, 45,000 write IOPS.

Increase performance of I/O Intensive Applications
PNY offers a broad assortment of high speed, high capacity, low latency modules delivering enhanced performance to mission critical network application environments. Our high performance memory modules deliver faster data packet processing, buffering, virtualization and optimize overall hardware performance and help ensure that the CPU and storage components are being fully utilized.

Our wide array of DDR2 & DDR3 modules include solutions for all server segments, including enterprise, high-end and scale-out server, as well as high-end desktop.  Offering faster speeds, greater bandwidth, lower power consumption and enhanced thermal performance, PNY memory modules deliver the speed and scalability for applications that require ultra-high performance and ultra-low latency.


Video Surveillance is a vast and growing market, providing solutions for security, law enforcement as well as for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. With the growth of mobile applications, customers now have access to surveillance cameras 24/7 anywhere, anytime. The industry has gone from an “as needed” to an “always on” environment.

These changes drive the need for surveillance systems with enhanced image quality, greater camera angles, high capacity video archiving, gigapixel camera recording and higher performance and more durable digitalized video systems. PNY delivers the turnkey solutions to optimize your designs!

Our Advantage

  • Experience & Expertise: World class engineering support
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested and qualified products to withstand extreme surveillance environments. Shock Proof, Waterproof, Temperature Proof and Magnet Proof
  • Performance: High Speed and High Capacity Flash Cards options for video & image capture
  • Efficiency: High capacity, low-power consumption options for lower TCO
  • Longevity: SSD offered in 3K, 5K or 10K endurance level options for always on environments

Durable storage for Harsh Surveillance Environments
PNY Solid-State Drives offer more durable storage recording option than traditional hard drives. With no moving parts and lower power consumption, they deliver a reliable storage solution for harsh surveillance environments while lowering your TCO. PNY SSDs are available in 120 GB, 240 GB & 480 GB and 3K, 5K and 10K endurance models to meet the most demanding surveillance environments.

Improved Customer Response
PNY offers a complete assortment of DRAM based embedded modules providing faster boot up times and rapid data transfer rates, delivering quicker response times to mobile customers/end users.

High Performance Video & Image Capture
PNY Flash Memory Cards are available in standard and high speed models in a variety of capacities for high quality and high speed surveillance video capture. For edge recording needs, PNY offers a robust line of Class 10 microSDHC/SDXC cards in capacities up to 64GB and speeds up to 40 MB/s read performance.

PNY SDHC, SDXC, microSDHC and microSDXC flash memory cards endure stringent testing and are waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof and temperature proof, able to sustain harsh surveillance environments from -40° C to 85° C (-13° F to 185° F).

Improved Security Efficiency
Enhance playback visualization on large single or multi display environments with NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics.


Today’s telecommunications industry requires highly reliable and enterprise level performance products to keep pace with this “Always On” environment.

Heavy traffic, extreme conditions and I/O Intensive applications all add to the need for reliable, performance and cost-effective memory and storage solutions.

PNY provides the products and expertise to deliver custom solutions for the demanding telecommunication market. Our world class engineering team will review your needs, taking into consideration performance variable such as extreme weather conditions, heat and air flow, electrical considerations, applications, traffic and data flow and provide a tested solution that delivers!

Our Advantage

  • Experience & Expertise: World class engineering support
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested and qualified products for customized solutions
  • Performance: High Speed and High Capacity Flash Cards & Drives, Solid-State Drives and DRAM Modules
  • Efficiency: High capacity, low-power consumption options for lower TCO
  • Longevity: SSD offered in 3K, 5K or 10K endurance level options

Resilient Flash Card Solutions for Space Constraints
PNY’S Class 10 high speed SDHC & microSD cards offer a high performance tower storage solution where space constraints are an issue. PNY Flash memory cards undergo stringent testing and are Shock Proof, Waterproof, Magnet Proof and Temperature Proof offering a reliable storage solution for the challenging conditions of the Telecommunications industry.

Flash Technology Provides Solution for Large Scale Cellular Providers
Accelerate system monitoring and reporting, and repair problems before customers even experience them with PNY Solid-State flash products/arrays. Available in 120 GB to 480 GB and up to 10K endurance options, PNY can meet the needs of the most demanding telecom environments.

Enhanced Data Management
Increase speed and better manage data from tower to hub to customer with high speed, low latency DRAM options.