Networkers are tasked with building and maintaining IT infrastructures that support their organizations applications and databases, as well as the servers, storage, and network services that securely support those infrastructures.

Networking Solutions

Enterprise customers have a strong need to efficiently manage heavy data and application workloads and are seeking higher capacity and performance storage solutions. To support these ever changing needs, they seek vendors offering custom application designs, strong supply chain support, lower costs and rapid deployment.

PNY delivers advantages in performance, efficiency, cost, virtualization and tiering. From robust networks, to data centers, to servers and mission critical network applications, PNY is uniquely positioned to provide turnkey global flash storage and performance solutions with better costs and quicker time to market.

Our Advantage
  • Scalability: Seamlessly scale-out network performance and capacity to meet your business needs
  • Reliability: Rigorous testing, advantageous warranty & up to 10K endurance to sustain demanding networking needs
  • Performance: High-speed, low latency for handling heavy customer & employee workloads, e-mail and overall system performance
  • Robust Product Portfolio: Our comprehensive product portfolio includes standard to Enterprise Class flash products with higher endurance & self-encrypted technology
Increase storage, maintain infrastructure and lower TCO 

Solid-State Drives offer a more durable storage solution than tradition hard drives, and with no moving parts, they minimize infrastructure down time. Utilizing less power consumption and space, these flash solutions maximize storage capacity while minimizing TCO.

PNY offers a broad portfolio of SSDs supporting standard to demanding high traffic and I/O-intensive application network environments. Our Prevail Enterprise-Class Solid-State Drive architecture is optimized for mission critical enterprise server applications, including storage, caching, WAN ,VPN/Firewall,  as well as OLTP and other high transaction workloads, featuring 2.5" SATA III, 6Gbps interface, support 256-bit AES encryption and Secure Erase. The Prevail series of SSDs are powered by the SandForce 2200 family of controllers, offering up to 450MB/s seq. read, 430MB/s seq. write speeds, and 70,000 random read, 45,000 write IOPS.

Increase performance of I/O Intensive Applications

PNY offers a broad assortment of high speed, high capacity, low latency modules delivering enhanced performance to mission critical network application environments. Our high performance memory modules deliver faster data packet processing, buffering, virtualization and optimize overall hardware performance and help ensure that the CPU and storage components are being fully utilized.

Our wide array of DDR2 & DDR3 modules include solutions for all server segments, including enterprise, high-end and scale-out server, as well as high-end desktop.  Offering faster speeds, greater bandwidth, lower power consumption and enhanced thermal performance, PNY memory modules deliver the speed and scalability for applications that require ultra-high performance and ultra-low latency.