Delivering a vibrant, real-time, and immersive multimedia experience is key to the gaming industry as these features entice players to stay at the gaming machines longer and increase revenue opportunities.

Gaming Solutions

In addition to delivering visual superiority, manufacturers of electronic gaming machines are governed by many regional jurisdictional regulations and certifications for their company and products. PNY delivers solutions that combine outstanding visualization, enhanced performance and reliability while meeting gaming security demands.

Our Advantage
  • Visual Superiority: Quadro® Graphics Cards include industry leading NVIDIA® based GPU chipset to deliver high quality next-generation graphics
  • Graphics Rendering: The advanced 3D graphics engine and programmable shader architecture support Microsoft® DirectX® 11 and beyond technology for superior graphics rendering
  • Multi-Display Support: PNY offers high visual/graphic solutions for single, dual, triple and quad display environments to support all gaming environments
  • Robust Product Assortment: Quadro Graphics visual solutions, performance  Memory modules, as well as Solid-State Drive storage solutions in capacities up to 480 GB and endurance up to 10K
  • Expertise: Experienced engineering team familiar with specific gaming regulations
Secure Storage

PNY Solid-State Drives and Flash Memory Cards are easily integrated and offer built-in security features for gaming machines, including write protection on devices and partitioning of storage to prevent unauthorized accessing and modification of data. With no moving parts and lower power consumption, PNY SSDs offer a reliable storage solution while keeping operating costs down.

Through our experienced in-house firmware team, we take pride in tailoring solutions to meet customers’ specific needs in accordance with local regulations for the casino gaming industry. We guarantee products longevity and stability, and furthermore, we offer flexible and customized part numbers, which accommodates any future changes necessary for parts of the SSD.

Immersive Visual Experience

Quadro Professional Graphics Cards were designed with the casino gaming hardware industry in mind. Designed utilizing industry leading NVIDIA GPU chipsets, these graphics cards deliver the ultimate immersive experience.

Our broad product portfolio includes a wide range of discrete graphics cards for embedded computing applications. These cards are an ideal solution for adding visual performance to gaming platforms.

Quadro K600 and Quadro K2000 are the perfect gaming application solutions, offering the perfect blend of price, performance and features for game system developers.

Our Features Include:

  • NVIDIA performance GPUs
  • PCI-e x16 and MXM formats
  • Low profile models
  • Low power consumption
  • Fanless passive cooled models
  • up to 6 monitors
  • 3 and 5 year production lifecycles
Enhance Overall Gaming Performance

PNY delivers a complete assortment of high speed, low latency modules to support color at higher resolutions and deliver the power for enhanced 3-D rendering with amazing character realism and texture versatility.

Experience improved performance of gaming software applications and visualization with PNY memory:

  • Smoother multitasking
  • More efficient video editing
  • Optimized Windows XP processing
  • Cutting-edge gaming