From monitoring, to data-logging devices, medical imaging, visual simulation and scientific research, PNY delivers seamless product integration solutions to help you achieve your objective of improved patient care.

Medical Solutions

Unlike traditional computing, medical applications often require unique customization and support for operations in harsh environments.

Our Advantage
  • Reliability: Rigorous testing process and competitive warranty options
  • Performance: High speed, low latency module options for improved application performance and data handling
  • Security: A comprehensive SSD portfolio including standard to enterprise class storage products with higher capacities, up to 10K endurance options and self-encrypted technology for secure medical application
  • Robust Portfolio: A broad assortment of storage, performance and visualization solutions to meet the varying need of the healthcare industry
Improved Quality of Healthcare

For people facing the possibility of serious illnesses, such as cancer, accurate and timely test results are vital. Exposure to radiation, a necessity to perform some tests and treatments, may itself pose risks over time. At the very least, delays in imaging processing and diagnosis can hinder both a hospital's efficiency and a patient's peace of mind. PNY products enhance performance and deliver high quality visualization for quick and accurate delivery of results and treatment options.

Enhance Visualization Solutions for small and large scale needs

Medical imaging technologies running on GPUs produce better, safer results in less time. NVIDIA Quadro Grayscale Products were designed with diagnostic Imaging in mind. Medical imaging applications can take advantage of the Quadro advanced feature set, including Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology, up to 448 NVIDIA CUDA™ parallel processing cores and up to 6GB of memory for fast image processing and software management tools, such as nView, that support a large range of display configurations.

Reliable and Secure Storage Options

PNY Solid-State Drives offer a reliable and secure storage option for medical records. Offering self-encryption technology, they provide the optimal solution for sensitive record storage . Available in 120 GB - 480 GB and up to 10K endurance for high capacity and long term storage.

Improved Performance for Critical Diagnosis

Memory dramatically enhances performance and response time for complex computing applications. PNY offers a robust assortment of high speed, low latency memory options to deliver quicker application results for critical diagnostic situations.