Video Surveillance is a vast and growing market, providing solutions for security, law enforcement as well as for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. With the growth of mobile applications, customers now have access to surveillance cameras 24/7 anywhere, anytime. The industry has gone from an “as needed” to an “always on” environment.

Surveillance Solutions

These changes drive the need for surveillance systems with enhanced image quality, greater camera angles, high capacity video archiving, gigapixel camera recording and higher performance and more durable digitalized video systems. PNY delivers the turnkey solutions to optimize your designs!

Our Advantage
  • Experience & Expertise: World class engineering support
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested and qualified products to withstand extreme surveillance environments. Shock Proof, Waterproof, Temperature Proof and Magnet Proof
  • Performance: High Speed and High Capacity Flash Cards options for video & image capture
  • Efficiency: High capacity, low-power consumption options for lower TCO
  • Longevity: SSD offered in 3K, 5K or 10K endurance level options for always on environments
Durable storage for Harsh Surveillance Environments

PNY Solid-State Drives offer more durable storage recording option than traditional hard drives. With no moving parts and lower power consumption, they deliver a reliable storage solution for harsh surveillance environments while lowering your TCO. PNY SSDs are available in 120 GB, 240 GB & 480 GB and 3K, 5K and 10K endurance models to meet the most demanding surveillance environments.

Improved Customer Response

PNY offers a complete assortment of DRAM based embedded modules providing faster boot up times and rapid data transfer rates, delivering quicker response times to mobile customers/end users.

High Performance Video & Image Capture

PNY Flash Memory Cards are available in standard and high speed models in a variety of capacities for high quality and high speed surveillance video capture. For edge recording needs, PNY offers a robust line of Class 10 microSDHC/SDXC cards in capacities up to 64GB and speeds up to 40 MB/s read performance.

PNY SDHC, SDXC, microSDHC and microSDXC flash memory cards endure stringent testing and are waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof and temperature proof, able to sustain harsh surveillance environments from -40° C to 85° C (-13° F to 185° F).

Improved Security Efficiency

Enhance playback visualization on large single or multi display environments with Quadro Professional Graphics.