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NVIDIA’s breakthroughs in GPU technology have powered the most advanced and visually rich film and television productions ever created. From box office record-breakers to Academy Award® and Emmy® winning productions, NVIDIA has been a strategic partner to the media and entertainment industry for many years. As a world leader in artificial intelligence, deep learning, simulation, rendering, and real-time technologies for games, VR and AR, NVIDIA continues to propel the future of storytelling.

Designed and built specifically for professional workstations, NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs power more than 100 digital content creation applications and plug-ins. Leaders in the industry trust NVIDIA® Quadro® to deliver the best possible experience with key software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Media Composer, Autodesk 3DS MAX and MAYA, Blackmagic DESIGN's Fusion and DaVinci Resolve, Foundry NUKE, and many more. Whether you are editing 8K HDR video, creating complex effects and simulations, or animating massive scenes with staggering amounts of 3D elements and textures, you can rely on NVIDIA Quadro GPU solutions to accelerate your workflow for more rapid creative iterations.

The Future of Storytelling Starts Now


Accelerates Creative Workflows

NVIDIA Quadro GPUs feature the performance and memory required to bring your creative vision to audiences everywhere.

Future Proof

AI, rendering, simulation and other realtime techniques powered by NVIDIA Quadro drive next generation workflows.

ISV Certification

NVIDIA Quadro is the only NVIDIA GPU fully certified and supported for 100’s of professional applications including Adobe CC, Autodesk 3DS MAX and MAYA, Foundry NUKE, among others.

Award Winning

NVIDIA Quadro GPUs have been behind every single movie nominated for the Best Visual Effects Oscar® for ten years running


Turing is NVIDIA’s most important innovation in computer graphics in more than a decade and makes possible a new generation of applications that will simulate the physical world at unprecedented speeds.

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NVIDIA Quadro Volta

Powered by NVDIA Quadro Volta, delivering extreme memory capacity, scalability, and performance that designers, architects, and scientists need to create, build, and solve the impossible.

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NVIDIA Quadro Pascal

NVIDIA Pascal architecture products are used by creative and technical users. Featuring powerful GPUs, large memory capacities, 8K display outputs, and VR features (select products), Pascal is a great choice for a range of professional workflows.

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Render at the Speed of Your Imagination

Rendering, backed by the power of GPUs, is undergoing a transformation. Accelerate your creative process with fluid, interactive, and immediate decision making. Fluidly evaluate every nuance of your character or see actors rendered in real time as they portray a character. No matter your choice of rendering tool, NVIDIA GPUs will revolutionize your design process. Easily accelerate your rendering by adding more GPUs to your workstation, connect a network of local or remote GPU servers, or scale to the cloud for the fastest final frame results possible with NVIDIA Quadro

Build 8K Workflows
Powered by NVIDIA

Post production is embracing 8K - enjoying the benefits of the extra pixels but also facing some challenges with the workflow. NVIDIA’s Andrew Page, Product Manager for Professional Visualization Solutions, sits down with postPerspective to discuss the progress of 8K and how NVIDIA is involved.

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postPerspective Extra on NVIDIA Quadro RTX for Media & Entertainment

Randi Altman, editor of postPerspective™, asks questions about the new NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics boards that media & entertainment professionals will want to know.

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