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NVIDIA RTX for Media & Entertainment

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The media and entertainment (M&E) industry is constantly evolving and innovating to address the growing demand for high-quality content as quickly as possible. Industry trends driving the need for more powerful GPUs. The NVIDIA RTX™ A4500 provides the power, performance, memory, and features required for high-end M&E workflow deployments. Download this solution brief to discover how studios are leveraging NVIDIA RTX to accelerate production workflows using:

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Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered workflows and tools require powerful GPUs with large memory to automate repetitive tasks and keep artists in a creative flow.

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Virtual Production

Virtual production and in-camera visual effects use advanced capabilities such as real-time ray tracing, deep learning super-sampling (DLSS), and large memory capacities for handling massive environments in real-time.

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Real-Time Rendering

Save time and costs with previsualization or preproduction work to review assets, shots, and creative content to make creative decisions quickly during the design process.

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AR/VR Solutions

Drive immersive experiences and audience engagement with the power of AR/VR for content creation and location-based entertainment.

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