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Productivity for Professionals

Academic, digital content creation, financial, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, scientific, and technical professionals need access to unique NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics board features, and the substantial value offered by the Quadro driver used with NVIDIA® RTX™ Experience and NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager to realize significant productivity advantages.

NVIDIA Quadro Features that

Boost Productivity


NVIDIA Quadro Driver, Quadro Experience, and Quadro View

Provide real-world features and benefits that amplify productivity. Your professional applications run faster, driver updates to boost performance are automatically delivered and configured, collaboration is facilitated by sharing and recording, and when you need to wind down entertainment (games) deliver a great experience. These productivity boosting features actually lower the total cost of Quadro relative to consumer (GeForce) graphics boards where third party programs would have to be purchased at additional cost to provide somewhat equivalent functionality, while delivering less performance with professional applications.


Profiles Automatically Configure Window Positions and Sizes

Fully utilizing screen real estate means you’re never hunting for the information or applications you need – on a single screen or across multiple high-resolution displays. These display management features and hot key support let you create virtual desktops tailored for specific tasks or workflows.


Effortlessly Switch Between Tasks

One profile can be dedicated to general office productivity, a second for workflows utilized by architects, engineers, product designers, VFX professionals, or others, while another may bring up remote collaboration or teleconference environments with a single keystroke.


Efficiently Manage Your Desktop and System

Applications automatically launch into specific windows partitions, making critical information available at a glance. Driver settings are automatically calibrated to match the needs of your workflow’s professional applications portfolio, and the time required to setup the system every day and act as your own systems administrator is significantly reduced – and NVIDIA Quadro provides full support for remote IT configuration, management, and troubleshooting, unlike consumer graphics boards.

NVIDIA RTX Experience

Delivers Performance and Collaboration:


Driver Updates

Driver engineering and development efforts at NVIDIA continuously improve the quality and utility of Quadro products. Quadro Experience takes the guesswork out of when new Quadro drivers are available. It provides seamless, automatic alerts for new driver updates to access performance improvements, increased driver stability, and expanded feature sets. Quadro users are always in control of their system—changes are never automatically implemented—and driver highlights accompany each new driver to help determine whether an immediate update is warranted, including the option to download and install from within Quadro Experience.


Screen Capture and Record

Share and collaborate with ease through the screen capture and recording tools included in Quadro Experience, eliminating costly third-party applications commonly required to accomplish the same thing. Quick access to screenshot and desktop video recording features are available in a single capture/record application that conveniently stores content in your desired location for easy retrieval. Quadro Experience’s “Instant Replay” feature instantly records up to the last 20 minutes of desktop activity—perfect for capturing spontaneous creativity or troubleshooting unanticipated system/app behavior.

Video content can be directly uploaded to YouTube, Twitch, and other video/streaming services for convenient sharing. You can also live broadcast your desktop to multiple viewers to share presentations, training, and other content.



Quadro Experience includes a switch to expose games and gaming features on your Quadro GPU. You can also access features similarly offered through GeForce Experience, such as Ansel, Freestyle, and gaming rewards. Optimal Playable Settings (OPS) are available on Turing-based (and later) Quadro GPUs to provide the best gaming experience on supported top titles.

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NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager

Enhances Productivity:


Flexible Window Snapping

Built-in gridline editor allows simple configuration of either custom-generated or pre-defined desktop partitions to which you can easily snap your application windows into. Quickly organize and locate application windows, allowing you to efficiently utilize the full real estate your display. Whether using single or multiple displays, you have the ability to apply changes uniformly across all displays, or to customize each independently. These same tools apply for virtual desktops, as well as displays configured using NVIDIA Mosaic desktop technology.



Quadro View settings can be saved as custom profiles to quickly reload previous desktop configurations created for distinct workflows. Profiles can also include application information to automatically launch specific applications into previously assigned desktop partitions. With profiles, you can easily restore your favorite configurations after OS upgrades, reboots, and other system changes.


Windows Management

In addition to indicating how you want windows to appear on your displays, you can also specify how windows behave on your desktops or display devices. You can maximize windows to certain grids or to the entire display, direct where dialog boxes open, and prevent windows from spanning across displays, just to name a few.


Hot Key Support

Quadro View lets you set up hotkeys to trigger a multitude of actions to speed up your workflows. Hotkeys enable you to quickly access common functions through simple keystrokes to eliminate the need to navigate through traditional menus.

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Having a system capable of running essential applications and workflows is a prerequisite and necessity for professionals across all market segments and use case scenarios:

  • All NVIDIA Quadro products are designed, built, and optimized to run professional applications with high performance, unrivaled features, and unmatched stability.
  • Ultra-high-end NVIDIA Quadro RTX products turn PCs into visual supercomputers, accelerate demanding AI applications, run big data analytics workloads, provide real-time photorealistic or cinematic quality ray tracing, and run all industry leading applications.
  • Low-profile Quadro boards are compatible with compact and power constrained desktop systems, and are also ideal for use in mini-tower and tower enclosures with the included accessories.
  • Dedicated NVENC hardware to decode or encode video for use with all major teleconferencing and collaboration applications make Quadro ideal for business meetings or telelearning.
  • NVIDIA provides productivity boosting utilities like NVIDIA Quadro Experience and NVIDIA Quadro View that make Quadro the right choice for professionals.

If you use your computer to earn a living, or if mission-critical tasks or workflows must be performed on it, NVIDIA Quadro, the Quadro driver, Quadro Experience, and Quadro View team up with you to get the job done.

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