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E-BookAccelerating and Advancing Computer Aided Engineering Workflows

GPUs change the equation of running Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

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GPU acceleration in CAE applications is significantly speeding up (5X or more) the product and process simulations designers, engineers and engineering analysts perform. Leading CAE software vendors such as Altair, Ansys, Dassault Systèmes, Hexagon and Siemens are rapidly incorporating GPU acceleration in their applications. Jon Peddie Research spoke to all these software vendors on how the CAE workflows are evolving and the performance benefits due to GPU acceleration for the users.

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Part 1: Accelerating and Advancing CAE

Download this e-book that consists of interviews with simulation software companies to understand how GPUs run engineering simulations on workstations.

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Part 2

Get insights into how CAE specialists can harness the power of GPUs from workstations, data centers, or the cloud to run complex engineering simulations.

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