FAQs - Flash Memory Cards

  • Why is my SDHC (4GB and higher) Flash card not readable by my device?
    SDHC works differently than the standard SD card, this format (SDHC) is not backwards compatible with legacy SD format devices.

    SDHC cards can only work with SDHC and SDXC compatible devices. To ensure compatibility, look for the SDHC or SDXC logo on the packaging. Please check with your device manufacturer for their current/future supported SDHC and SDXC devices.
  • As long as I have the right format, can I use any size card I want?

    Different card sizes have different file formats. It is recommended to always check with the manufacturer of the original device, or the instructions manual, to ensure the device's compatibility.

    Host Device SD memory card
    2GB and less
    SDHC memory card
    4GB up to 32GB
    SDXC memory card
    64GB up to 2TB
  • Some of my pictures come out corrupted or missing. Is something wrong with my card?
    A number of different scenarios can cause a section of the card to be non-readable, such as abrupt power-loss or attempting to remove/removing the card while files are being written to it.
    As a first step the suggestion is to try on a different device to ensure that the file is available or not. 
    If not, the card can be formatted, but make sure to save all other files, phots, music, video and more to a secondary location as formatting the card will erase all of the contents in it.
  • Are there any special handling instructions I need to follow when I use my card?
    For all cards, be sure to avoid removing them from devices while data is being accessed on them, i.e., pulling it out of a camera while you are previewing an image.  Also, do not leave them in devices with low batteries. Flash memory is sensitive to power loss. If the batteries die while the card is in the unit, cards may be corrupted by the sudden power loss. 
  • What is SDHC?
    SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity which accounts for SD Cards from 4GB and up to 32GB. 
    SDXC stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity which accounts for SD Cards from 64GB and up to 2TB.
  • How do I download pictures from a PNY Secure Digital Card?

    Many laptps and ultrabooks are not available with a SD Card slot. If this is not the case on your computer, an external SD/microSD Card reader can be used and they are widely available in stores and online.

  • Why are my Secure Digital Cards not read by the camera?

    Ensure that both the Card and the Camera are compatible. As a next step, format the card, but be sure to save all files on the card to a secondary location, as formatting the card will erase all of the contents on the card. 
    If you are still have an issue, please contact PNY Tech Support.

  • Why is the available capacity smaller than the announced density?

    By industry standards, 1GB equals 1,073,741,824.  If you divide the announced density by the computer’s 1GB definition, you will get the available space.

    For example: 64,000,000,000 (64GB) divided by 1,073,741,842 = 59.6GB of available space.