FAQs Mobile Workstations

  • My PNY PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation will not turn on out of the box.

    To safeguard the PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation during shipment the battery is locked to prevent the system from powering on prior to use. The PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation can be powered on once connected to the included AC adapter.

  • How do I activate the Windows 10 Professional that is included on the PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation?

    PNY offers the Windows 10 Professional activation key with a back-up USB as an option. Please contact PNY to purchase. For activation instructions visit www.pny.com/prevailpro/qsg

  • How do I access the Boot Menu?

    When “PNY PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation” logo appears press F7 several times until the BIOS screen appears.

  • What are the different functions on the keyboard?

    Please refer to the PNY User Guide Guide for a listing of the different keyboard functions found documented at www.pny.com/prevailpro/qsg

  • How do I factory restore Windows 10 Professional supplied with the PNY PREVAILPRO?

    Press F7 to access the boot menu and choose UEFI Partition during boot to begin the restore installation process. You will need to have your Windows key available.

  • Where can I find the Quick Start Guide, driver, and BIOS information?

    For the Quick Start Guide and Manuals, please refer to our Manuals/Guides page.

    For Drivers/BIOS, please refer to our Software Downloads page.

  • Where can I purchase a replacement or spare AC adaptor?

    Please contact PNY at gopny@pny.com