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  • 3/18/2024
  • PNY

PNY Technologies Unveils Revolutionary Bundle: NVIDIA IGX and Magic Leap AR Devices Set to Transform Healthcare and Industrial Applications

Parsippany, NJ, 03/18/2024 - PNY Technologies, a pioneer in high-performance computing, proudly announces the launch of a groundbreaking developer platform, uniting the formidable capabilities of NVIDIA IGX Orin™, NVIDIA® Holoscan and Magic Leap 2. This visionary kit empowers software and technology vendors to pioneer cutting-edge solutions in healthcare and other industries, redefining the boundaries of innovation.

Key Features of the NVIDIA IGX + Magic Leap 2 XR Bundle:

  • Zero Physical World Latency for Mission-Critical Applications: Ensure zero physical world latency for mission-critical applications, offering unparalleled precision and real-time data processing.
  • AI Inference and Local Computation: Leverage NVIDIA IGX Orin for AI inference and local computation of complex models, using NVIDIA Holoscan as its real-time multimodal AI sensor processing platform and NVIDIA Metropolis software to offer XR use cases.
  • Ultra-Precise Augmented Reality Interface: Magic Leap 2 delivers an ultra-precise augmented reality interface for accurate and immersive experiences.

Application Examples Across Industries:

  • Enhanced/Fluorescence Guided Surgery: Enable healthcare software developers to leverage AR for intraoperative guidance solutions for a wide array of mission-critical, low-latency healthcare use cases.
  • Patient Care: Developers can build real-time AR overlay applications for pre-operative visualization for surgical planning
  • Manufacturing: Develop AR-assisted workflows and autonomous monitoring solutions.
  • Education: Enable the creation of immersive learning environments.
  • Retail: Develop and test unique shopping experience applications with AR, from virtual try-ons to interactive product displays.

Innovation at the Intersection of Technology and Healthcare:
The NVIDIA IGX + Magic Leap 2 XR Bundle facilitates application development with the ultimate goal of providing dynamic problem-solving and mission-critical insights for healthcare professionals. This opens new possibilities for developers to build apps for medical education, pre-surgical planning, intraoperative guidance and patient care applications that could revolutionize the future of various medicine practices.

Groundbreaking Performance and Risk Mitigation at the Edge for Industrial Applications:
For manufacturing and logistics, IGX provides added safety in highly regulated factories and warehouses, offering an industrial-grade computing infrastructure to enhance operations and worker safety. It accelerates industrial automation by transforming entire factories into intelligent spaces, accessing insights from digital twin sensor data to train intelligent machines and expedite automation processes.

The combination of IGX Orin and Magic Leap 2 AR provides a robust platform for accelerated functional-safety AI application development and efficient fleet management of autonomous machines. The bundle will allow developers to leverage AI sensor data for applications accessing and manipulating factory simulations on the spot, which would allow users to identify potential collisions before they happen, further improving safety and reducing avoidable downtime.

Simulation and Digital Twin Applications:
In the media and entertainment (M&E) space, applications leveraging IGX Orin and Magic Leap AR could facilitate remote collaboration for VFX teams. Worldwide teams can benefit from immersive work on a joint simulated render model at zero latency, fostering real-time team insight and allowing boundless, instantaneous changes, in turn fostering creativity and reducing development times.

The fusion of IGX Orin and Magic Leap AR Devices marks a transformative milestone at the intersection of technology, healthcare and industry. PNY Technologies, through this innovative approach, is facilitating the development of advanced AI and VR applications at the edge for mission-critical environments across healthcare, industrial automation and media.

What to do next:
For a hands-on experience with the future of technology, join us at NVIDIA GTC March 18-21, 2024. Discover how NVIDIA IGX Orin and Magic Leap AR= devices are redefining the possibilities of innovation. For media inquiries, further information, or partnership opportunities, contact:

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