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NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation + HW Sync

NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation + HW Sync

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    Power for Endless Performance

    The way people work is undergoing a drastic change with distributed teams and remote workers as the new normal. Artists are facing an ever-increasing demand for differentiated and visually compelling content. Designers and engineers are striving to create more complex and efficient designs in highly supply-constrained environments. Scientists, researchers, and medical professionals are faced with incredible challenges that require the rapid development of solutions on a global scale.

    The NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation is designed to meet the challenges of today’s professional workflows. Built on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, the RTX 6000 combines 142 third-generation RT Cores, 568 fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and 18176 CUDA® cores with 48GB of graphics memory to deliver the next generation of AI graphics and petaflop inferencing performance for unprecedented speed-up of rendering, AI, graphics, and compute workloads. RTX 6000-powered workstations provide what you need to succeed in today’s ultra-challenging business environment.

    The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II board works with the RTX 6000 Ada to synchronize up to 4 RTX 6000 Ada boards per card for 16 synchronized displays per Sync II, and with two Sync II cards per system, up to 8 RTX 6000 Ada GPUs per chassis, for a total of 32 synchronized displays per system. The NVIDIA Quadro Sync II, combined with NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada powered graphics, sets an unprecedented standard for professional synchronized display deployments requiring unparalleled rendering and graphics performance, all with breakthrough possibilities real-time ray tracing and AI can provide.

    NVIDIA RTX a6000


    Architecture NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture
    Process Size 4nm NVIDIA Custom Process | TSMC
    Die Size 608.4mm2
    Transistors 76.3 Billion
    CUDA Cores 18176
    RT Cores 142 Gen-3
    Tensor Cores 568 Gen-4
    GPU Memory 48GB GDDR6 ECC
    Memory Interface 384-bit
    Graphics Bus PCI Express Gen 4.0 x16
    Display Connectors DP 1.4 (4)
    NVENC | NVDEC 3x | 3x + AV1 Encode and Decode
    Form Factor 4.4” H x 10.5” L, Dual-Slot
    Thermal Solution Active Fansink
    Max Power Consumption 300W
    Synchronized Displays per Quadro Sync II 16 | 32 with 2x Quadro Sync II
    Quadro Sync II Boards Per System 2x (up to 32 HW synchronized displays)
    Quadro Sync II Connectors 2x RJ45 Frame Lock + BNC Genlock
    NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation + HW Sync Use Cases

    Digital Signage Solutions

    • Create impressive and eye-catching digital signage solutions consisting of large numbers of synchronized displays or projectors.
    • Use multiple systems with synchronized display outputs to create massive display walls, with interactivity if desired.

    Manufacturing Solutions

    • Designers can create sophisticated visualization systems for collaborative design, design reviews, and retail locations.
    • Real-time ray tracing with an AI assist rendering performance opens new vistas in interactive photorealistic design across manufacturing workflows.

    Media and Entertainment Solutions

    • Broadcasters can synchronize graphics and video for broadcast solutions, virtual sets, and on-air graphics
    • Create scalable, manageable, and versatile visualization solutions for entertainment outlets or sporting and live events, with hardware synchronized displays or projectors for artifact-free displays.

    AEC Solutions

    • Use multiple projectors or monitors to review design concepts or changes at scale.
    • Fuse design, BIM and visualization into a unified workflow environment, enhanced with real-time ray tracing and AI.

    Visual Simulation Solutions

    • Create flight, mission, training or other simulations that circle the globe seamlessly without limitations to altitude, setting, or detail.
    • Connect multiple displays or projectors to realize a 360-degree field of view.
    • NVIDIA Quadro Sync II connects multiple RTX 6000 Ada board-based systems for category defining multi-display or multi-projector simulation, visualization or digital signage environments, all with NVIDIA RTX real-time rendering and AI enhanced capabilities and performance.

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