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Reimagine the Cities of the Future

Courtesy of Shimao Group Nanjing Company & Woods Bagot


NVIDIA technologies play a key role in creating tomorrow’s cities—from building design and digital construction rehearsals to powering autonomous construction vehicles and deep learning-enabled safety compliance and infrastructure inspection.

Forward-looking Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms count on NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs for smooth design and visualization workflows and NVIDIA Quadro VR Ready desktop GPUs for design and customer reviews. As a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), NVIDIA is even powering advances in leading-edge CAD and BIM technology like generative design software facilitated by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to help reimagine the cities of tomorrow.

Leading-Edge Solutions for AEC Workflows

NVIDIA Quadro RTX’s RT Cores For Photorealistic Real-Time Ray Tracing

This short but compelling video clearly demonstrates the dramatic difference true physically based rendering, utilizing NVIDIA Quadro RTX’s RT Cores for photorealistic real-time ray tracing in application viewports, brings to architectural visualization, design reviews, and virtual walkthroughs.


Cost Reduction

Virtual Reality



Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is Changing the Face of Architectural Design

By reproducing the subtlest nuances of materials and lighting, PBR enabled by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs are shortening the design process, and allowing the exploration of more creative options.

Render at the Speed of Your Imagination

Rendering, backed by the power of GPUs, is undergoing a transformation. Accelerate your creative process with fluid, interactive, and immediate decision making. Iterate with your client in the room or experiment with prototype materials as the idea strikes. No matter your choice of rendering tool, NVIDIA GPUs will revolutionize your design process. Easily accelerate your rendering by adding more GPUs to your workstation, connect a network of local or remote GPU servers, or scale to the cloud for the fastest final frame results possible with NVIDIA Quadro.

GPU Accelerated Software