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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Reimagine the Cities of the Future
NVIDIA technologies play a key role in creating tomorrow’s cities—from building design and digital construction rehearsals to powering autonomous construction vehicles and deep learning-enabled safety compliance and infrastructure inspection.

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The Platform of Choice For

AEC Companies Worldwide

Forward-looking Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms count on NVIDIA® GPUs for smooth design and visualization workflows and NVIDIA VR Ready desktop GPUs for design and customer reviews. As a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), NVIDIA is even powering advances in leading-edge CAD and BIM technology like generative design software facilitated by NVIDIA GPUs to help reimagine the cities of tomorrow.

Leading-Edge Solutions for AEC Workflows


Photorealistic Real-Time Ray Tracing

This short but compelling video clearly demonstrates the dramatic difference true physically based rendering, utilizing NVIDIA RTX’s RT Cores for photorealistic real-time ray tracing in application viewports, brings to architectural visualization, design reviews, and virtual walkthroughs.

Transforming Architectural Visualization

NVIDIA Omniverse

Creating a New Era of Collaboration and Simulation

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Workflows Across Industries

NVIDIA Omniverse transforms the workflows in industries where breathtaking, photorealistic, ray-traced rendering is the soul of their designs. The platform is flexible, customizable, and continuously enhanced with new applications and features.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

With NVIDIA Omniverse, architects and designers can iterate on concepts more effectively and present compelling visualizations of models faster. Collaboration and communication are fundamentally transformed with Omniverse running on any RTX-powered machine—from the laptop to the data center.

Seamless Collaboration

Now, your project teams can be unified on a single, interactive platform—even when simultaneously working with different software applications—to rapidly develop architectural models in real time.

Design to Ray Traced in One Click

Teams can produce beautiful, physically accurate visuals with less effort—no data prep or model decimation needed.

Faster Time to Approvals

Iterate quickly and explore more designs with the ability to export RTX ray-traced quality. Teams, clients, and contractors can view the high-fidelity model on any device, anywhere.

"Collaboration is the future for the creation of 3D immersive experiences. BIM HAVCTool from TIAN Building Engineering is bringing our simulation technology to Omniverse to enable our customers to envision and design intelligent building spaces through high-fidelity, real-time visualizations."

"At KPF, we’re constantly testing new applications that help us to engage with our clients. We see NVIDIA Omniverse as an application that will enable our real-time and collaborative requirements in one platform, changing the way we progress as a sustainable design practice."

"At Foster + Partners we are very keen on interoperability and have developed bespoke software aiming for seamless data-exchange workflows. We've been testing NVIDIA Omniverse and think it has the potential to be part of the solution toward collaborative design processes."

"We’ve been partnering with NVIDIA and supporting NVIDIA Omniverse as it develops. This collaborative environment integrates with Rhino and extends our customers' ability to distribute 3D content."

"We are excited to build this new partnership together with NVIDIA Omniverse and look forward to the benefits that NVIDIA's technology will add for Archicad users."

"With Pixar’s Universal Scene Description, for the first time, our users can export complex city models with PBR materials with lossless conversion. NVIDIA Omniverse expands on USD capabilities by allowing ray-traced visualization of these models in real time with just a single click."


High-Performance Visual Computing in the Data Center Extended to Professionals Everywhere

As the world continues to shift and enterprises across the globe rethink post pandemic infrastructure, enhancing the ability of professionals to work remotely remains top of mind. The NVIDIA® EGX™ Platform for professional visualization enables artists, architects, product designers, and more to do their best work – from anywhere – at a fraction of the cost, space, and power of CPU-based solutions. A highly flexible reference design featuring high-end NVIDIA GPUs with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software, the EGX Platform delivers everything professionals need to carry on with business as usual, even in unusual times.

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NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful new collaboration platform for AEC based on Pixar's Universal Scene Description (USD) and NVIDIA RTX. Developers of CAD or BIM applications can build portals to connect their products to Omniverse so customers can seamlessly share assets with other industry-standard applications. Omniverse viewer can also be integrated into the application interface, adding an ultra-high-quality real-time ray traced application viewport. AEC faces unique efficiency challenges due to the complexity of construction projects and the number of people and disciplines involved. Many stakeholders contribute expertise and design recommendations making it difficult for all parties to fully understand design intent, leading to project delays and budget overruns. NVIDIA EGX Platform with Omniverse and NVIDIA Virtual GPU( vDWS) software boosts efficiency, lowers costs, and accelerates project delivery timelines.

Omniverse for AEC

Omniverse Interactivity and Collaboration


Chaos Vantage and NVIDIA RTX

Real-Time Ray Tracing Powers Design Visualization
Join us for a live webinar to see how the real-time ray tracing technology of Chaos Vantage, running on professional NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs, revolutionizes design visualization. Chaos Vantage, a new standalone application from the creators of V-Ray, is the fastest way to explore detailed 3D scenes in real-time. For the first time, designers can instantly immerse themselves in a photorealistic, fluidly interactive real-time view of any design or scene, including massive 3D datasets of detailed architectural urban landscapes and other heavyweight environments.

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Real-time photorealistic rendering, immersive VR design reviews and client walkthroughs, and generative design are just a few of the tools architects and engineers using to imagine and construct the buildings and cities of tomorrow. Learn how breakthroughs in graphics, AI, and real-time simulation are transforming building and infrastructure design workflows, in this webinar that specifically focuses of NVIDIA enabled AEC solutions.

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Ideal For

Cost Reduction

Virtual Reality




Design Workflow Efficiency And Lower Costs

Recent advances in technology are helping optimize crucial aspects of design reviews and significantly enhancing decision making, communication among extended teams, and the efficiency of the entire process.

Learn more about:

  • The AEC design review workflow process
  • Business, technology, and economic challenges
  • How to adopt new technologies that solve problems
  • Quantifiable benefits of new technologies
  • Three customer case studies

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Accelerate Your

Creativity with GPU Rendering

Rendering, backed by the power of GPUs, is undergoing a transformation. Enhance your creative process with fluid 3D visualizations enabling immediate decision making with confidence and ease.

Instantly accelerate your rendering with multi-GPU workstations and servers.

ISV Certified for Optimized Performance

Leading AEC software vendors certify their solutions for NVIDIA Quadro-based systems.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD Applications with Ease

NVIDIA GPUs provides the graphics performance necessary to visually interact with all facets of essential BIM and CAD tools, allowing architects to offer new services to clients.

Virtual Reality is

Reshaping the AEC Market

From initial design concept to collaborative client reviews and virtual walkthrough, projects utilizing VR technology are seeing a significant reduction in the number of design issues, helping to prevent time and cost overruns, and the long-term costs of working within suboptimal environments. VR-Ready NVIDIA GPUs deliver the level of performance and capabilities (90 frames per second {fps} with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds) required for the best VR experiences across professional applications.

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NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager


Desktop Manager

Whether you’re tracking financial markets or creating digital content, demanding workflows require the use of multiple applications and windows across several monitors. And while managing your desktop is key to maximizing your productivity, not every workspace fits the way you need to work. NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager desktop management software allows you to manage single or multi-monitor workspaces with ease, giving you maximum flexibility and control over your display real estate and desktops.

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Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is

Changing the Face of
Architectural Design

By reproducing the subtlest nuances of materials and lighting, PBR enabled by NVIDIA GPUs are shortening the design process, and allowing the exploration of more creative options.

Render at the Speed of Your Imagination

Rendering, backed by the power of GPUs, is undergoing a transformation. Accelerate your creative process with fluid, interactive, and immediate decision making. Iterate with your client in the room or experiment with prototype materials as the idea strikes. No matter your choice of rendering tool, NVIDIA GPUs will revolutionize your design process. Easily accelerate your rendering by adding more GPUs to your workstation, connect a network of local or remote GPU servers, or scale to the cloud for the fastest final frame results possible with NVIDIA graphics.

GPU Accelerated Software

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