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4K Display

Easily connect to 4K-resolution displays and projectors using DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.0.


Span any application across up to 32 4K displays from a single workstation, without sacrificing performance or image quality.

NVIDIA Quadro Sync

Synchronize displays using one or multiple systems, even in stereo with the NVIDIA Quadro Sync/Sync II card.

3D Stereo

See and share your work in a stereoscopic 3D environment from a range of active and passive stereo display solutions.


Manage your desktop workspace across multiple displays through intuitive placement of windows, multiple virtual desktops, and user profiles.

GPU Tools

Configure and manage GPUs with the NVIDIA control panel, scriptable command line utilities, WMI-based Enterprise Management Toolkit, or C-based NVAPI.

Vienna Airport Digital Signage - Powered by NVIDIA Quadro and PNY

Getting the attention of busy travelers while boosting advertising revenue required the Vienna Airport to push the boundaries of the possible when deploying a new terminal wide digital signage solution. 120 high-definition displays, controlled by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, were installed in the luggage claim area to display advertising as high-resolution graphics as well as captivating full-motion video.

The airport also installed an ARS Electronica interactive art project, “ZietRaum,” for a new terminal which uses NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to create, whenever anyone walks close to the wall, a virtual snow shower of letters that trickle down the wall, turn into words, and then form the topography of a landscape. This successful deployment drew on PNY’s expertise to determine the right NVIDIA Graphics cards for the project, to deliver and install the GPUs, and to support Vienna Airport throughout the entire project.

NVIDIA Quadro and PNY Take Viewers to the End of the Galaxy

Modern digital planetariums require cutting edge graphics performance and display technology. The Brno Observatory and Planetarium in the Czech Republic has been transformed into a multi-visual center that combines science, education, and art – all powered by NVIDIA Quadro and supported by PNY.

Systems integrator RSA Cosmos relied on the pre- and post-sales technical support PNY provided to select the powerful NVIDIA Quadro GPUs that drive their advanced projection technologies for the Brno Planetarium. The planetarium treats visitors to everything from a surprisingly true model of outer space or an underwater scent to simulated travels inside a human body, into the near future, down to the microworld and out to the macrocosm.

*Video property of Toronto Maple Leafs.

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