PNY Technologies Inc.

Automatic Backup

Carbonite can be configured to back up your files to the cloud automatically, eliminating the need for manual back-ups. This means the latest version of your files will always be backed up to the cloud.

Easy Access

With Carbonite, the latest versions of your files are available anytime, anywhere, from any browser or device. Never again be caught without access to your important documents.

Safe & Secure

Files backed up with Carbonite’s Online Backup software are encrypted prior to being uploaded to the cloud. What’s more, said files are also encrypted while they’re stored at Carbonite’s secure datacenters.

File Recovery

Files are stored in a safe and secure location so that your data will not be lost in the event your system or devices are compromised. Simply restore files with just a few clicks.


39% of data disasters are caused by accident.


1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month.


Leading causes of data loss: Hardware malfunctions, software corruption, and computer viruses.